Lovely Coco "People have friends Nanu has birds as a friends"

Hey! A Girl lived 20 years of her life. Loves to live with a lovely Parrots. She used to live with them since she was 5 years old. The parrots, like a friend in her life. This is: Nanu.

Coco is the first parrots came to my house, a gray African parrot he's lovely, friendly and I was spending all the time playing with him

Playing, talking, eating from the hand, first parrot in Nanu's life and her lovely birthday gift. One day: Coco called Nanu like this"Nanuuu" then Nanu responds with " Yeees!!! Imagine what he said! He literally said " Bring me a water!" When Nanu goes to him, his water container was really empty! and a lot of lovely and unbelievable stories with this lovely Coco

Guess What ! After years and years , ONE DAY Coco drinks from the cleaning water and he get poisoned, cannot move , cannot talk , cannot express his feeling , Coco Passed Away!

A young girl, before the teenager. That girl cry and cry over her lovely parrot, the one and only. After a few days she got another parrot, but suddenly!!

A Little Nanu ignore the new parrot, she doesn't want to have another one. She wants coco back as every little girl want her barbie with her all the time.

The new parrot was too aggressive, an attacker with loud and extremely noisy screams. The parrot has an extremely noisy screams and attacks whenever some one gets near by him. Absolutely Nanu ignores him, till someone stole the parrot and the house was really empty.

After years, Nanu got two parrots from her daddy. Both of them are Africans. One was friendly and the other one wasn't. They are Female and Male.

Nanu loved the male so much because he looks like coco and he is too friendly, she tries to play with the female, but this parrot was little, afraid and screams a lot. But finally by the time the female used to live in that house with their members

The male is Coco now like the old one and the female is Coca. What a lovely names !

Yeah ! Finally Nanu backs to her life and her daily routine, which is playing with her lovely parrot. Let's talk about Coco first. How he plays with Nanu a lot and with the family , adore to get touched.

meaning of peace. That's what nanu feels when she with them
Want to play a hiding game?!
Okay ! The normal results of playing

Its a sleep time!

Day after day and year after year, ONEDAY Coco gets sick and got a virus. Going to the clinic, seeing coco with a needle in his stomach, this is really hurting.

Yes, Coco Passed Away ! No more details on this...

Coca is not ignored, nanu play with her and with coco but the time now is only for Coca.

After few month a new member came in. But this time it's not an African parrot. A green beautiful bird. Know what! This time is different, a different kind, different color and different behaviour.

Lolly; this is my name
I want the FREEDOM
Freedom is the normal feeling of someone alive!
Is there any thing !
Yes I Am Here.
Day after day, Nanu loves parrots and birds more and more. This relationship between Nanu and the birds will not disappear its became a strong relation day by day, hour by hour.

Now Lolly and Coca eat the peanuts only from Nanu. And Lolly whenever sees Nanu get up to take the peanut.

Same time two different expressions. This happened when someone hated by Lolly came in !
A Lovely Story with lovely birds. This is my beautiful live. Nanu

And Coco: You will never be forgotten


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