Good Life Nature Activity at the FLMNH bY: Madelyn Mandese

Nature on Display: This particular exhibit of the Butterfly Rainforest was very appealing to me considering I am fascinated by the uniqueness, freeness, but shy personalities butterflies seem to have. Butterflies have always been an animal in which I relate to because they symbolize change as being something beautiful in life. They represent this beauty in nature and in all organisms surrounding them. As you can see in the pictures, there are many different colors, patterns, sizes in butterflies which makes me think of all the ways this natural world relates to all the different colors, shapes, and sizes of humans around the world depending on where someone is from and their cultural background. This exhibit was, to me, like a mini version of the world itself including all regions these butterflies came from, they came together in this one natural world to live and be free. What I enjoyed the most while being here was when at one point it was as if in unison, a group of butterflies flew right at me and I had to duck. It made me realize that I was in their habitat and it was me that needed to get out of their way for them to live their lives.
Nature and Ethics: Leopald saying we should love, respect, and admire" nature and to actually be a part of the "biotic community", related a lot to when I was in the Butterfly Rainforest in the Natural Museum of History. The exhibit made me consider that these animals, the butterflies, are like us humans in many ways including territorial wants. For example, in the picture above, six butterflies are attached feeding on fruits, but while they are doing so, they have their wings closed in order to camouflage themselves in the environment so that they can focus on eating, just like we would want space ourselves while eating. When walking through the exhibit, I felt peaceful and tranquil, it was as if I entered a whole new world separate from ours that smelt of the perfumes of the flora and had flashes of colors flying around me. It sure was a sight to be a part of. In two of the pictures I included above, you can see the other people that were observing the exhibits as well. Some people noticed organisms that I wouldn't have noticed if they didn't point them out to me such as coy fish and finches that had just been born. This puts in the perspectives people have while observing nature. Also, one lady had a butterfly attached to her shirt that wouldn't move. She was very excited to be a helpful stand for the butterfly and didn't dare to move. The exhibit allowed visitors to actually walk through the habitat and be part of it instead of it being behind a glass wall or caged in looking from the outside of the habitat, we were actually put inside the habitat. My experience did make me feel that I have a responsibility to be part of nature and rather than ignore or destroy unintentionally, I need to ethically admire these organisms and remember they aren't much different from me.
Nature and the Human Spirit: Going to the Museum helped me change for once what I do every day during the week. Go to class, do school work, study, go to the library, and sleep. That is my everyday schedule for the week and experiencing something out of my schedule for a change was a nice get away. Like I mentioned before, going to this exhibit was like stepping into a whole other universe away from the technology, away from the bad people, the war, the controversies between everyone in the world, this was all vanished when entering this exhibit. It's important to realize that the nature around us is a mystery that needs to be discovered to have a better understanding of who we are in the world and where we belong. Looking into nature made me think of why organisms behave the way they do such as the coy fish huddled in one corner, or the butterflies showing off their colorful wings to others. It made me appreciate what nature has to offer.
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