king cobras by aryan


slithering past your garden looking for food then hides in the greeny bush

“the bush is shaking”

“what’s that”… “can you tell”........

Watch out!!!!

The king cobra is the most deadliest snake in the world. It can bite an elephant with one bite and the elephant will die any second.The king cobra is the most Longest venomous snake on earth.If you very come Across it you have to take few steps back or if have to Run,run!! For your lives.If a snake is far,walk away because it can slither very fast and then it will bite you.Snakes can camouflage almost everywhere but they can jump on you any time they want.


Mighty hunters

Mighty hunters:

King cobra send their night hunting if there on a hunt

And you see it you should walk away or run away

Because, king cobras can send your blood and they will squeeze you until the animal die.These are people food that king cobra rats/mice,deers,frogs,other snake,antelope,monkey,eggs if they're hungry. king cobra use their camouflage to hunt for food and fool predator away.They camouflage to hunt,by camouflaging and squeezes it’s prey then the prey will die then it will eat it. The king cobra hunt for food at night.If a snake bite you,you will (i am not trying to scare you) die in half an hour.Snake mostly hunt and night because it is when all the animal sleep. They are night hunters.


Toothy grinds:

There venom is very poisonous they are top deadliest snakes in the world. There is an way to take it venom out (NEVER TRY THIS)people squeeze their body part behind their eyes and the venomous snakes venom comes out slowly by slowly,then the king cobra has no venom. The venom can be use for medicine, and other things too.If an cobra bite you Immediately go to the hospital for safety.If you want to carry an snake you have to go to snake farm because if you try to carry an snake anywhere it can be venoms and bite you “be careful”.King cobra have 2 fangs.King cobra attack by biting you by it’s fangs and the venom go in your body.


King cobras all around:

king cobra live all over Thailand. King cobra like living rainforest,grassland,swamps and farm field.snake live in Asia king cobra hunts near land, trees and in water.

Did you know that you can get a pet king cobra it needs lot of space for the snake.If you want to see someone pet king cobra it very rare.King cobra can live almost everywhere around the world.Snake love warm places,most snake live in Asia. Snakes don’t really have an actual habit they can live anywhere around the world.

king cobra live every where



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