Fresco By: vivian kinter

Wings of Blue

My artwork is called Wings of Blue. It is based loosely off of the works of Amy Brown. My artwork is a fairy with blue wings and a brown cloak; her wings are giving off a guiding light through the dark night. I think the most noticeable thing about my work is the wings; they are the brightest and biggest parts of my work.

My work is made with plaster, fabric, water color paints, and normal paints for the fabric. My inspiration for this artwork is Amy Brown. It symbolizes how no matter what as long as you find a light in dark times you make it through. It expresses the emotion of getting over a depressioned state.

My goal is to pass art class. Yes this art piece did help me reach my goal by giving me an A in this class. I learned that I don't like using water colors that much, sadly. Nope I mean there is only so much details I could put in on the tiny slab of plaster. It will influence my future work by not using water color anymore, I really don't like water color.

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