photos by me Camille Wood-Foucar

I've always loved a pretty picture. Nature and art are two very dear things to me. Photography allows me to fully capture nature, in the realest way; its a way of stopping time. Have you ever wished you could replay a moment over and over? A photo allows you to do that. I aspire to take the kind of photos that make you feel something, that give you a sense of wonder; to take photos that are so beautiful they inspire others to adventure, and find moments of their own worth capturing. My goal with my photos is to accurately and uniquely share the simple beauties of my world. We all live and experience the world through our own eyes, and sometimes what I see through mine I feel needs to be shared so that others can see it too.

Self Portrait

The moment self portraits were mentioned I knew I wanted to do dance photos. I've been dancing at Allegro School of Dance since I was three years old. We're trained in classical ballet, but that isn't the type of choreography I prefer. I love jazz and modern, and really appreciate the way my teacher mixes styles to create her own. In my self portraits I wanted to show that I am, in fact, a "ballerina", but with an alternative vibe of my own.

Light Writing

Magic of Light

My Five Best

The Other Side of Ballet

Direct lighting. Split lighting.


Rule of thirds. Framing. Symmetry.

Beauty of Nature

Leading lines. Depth.

Evening in the Mountains

Rule of thirds. Framing. Depth.


Morning Coffee

Diffused lighting. Cropping. Leaving space.

Window to Nowhere

Direct lighting. Rule of thirds. Symmetry.

Wise Man

Diffused lighting. Fill the frame.

Light Shines on You

Direct diffused lighting. Rule of odds. Leading lines.

Quiet Afternoon

Direct diffused lighting. Symmetry. Leaving space.


Ernst Haas

Five of His

A tree standing alone, in the cold. It's a winter evening, snow falling and moonlight shining. This photo is monochromatic, with only blue, black, and white making up the picture. The moon acts as a back-light, making the tree appear to glow. Direct lighting coming from the moon causes intense shadow. To me, this photo looks as if it is a visual representation of hope. It lights something inside me. The way this cold, naked tree can be so beautiful if seen in just the right way.
Rolling hills. Cloud covered skies. Sunlight peaking through. Direct light, coming from the sun, casting dramatic shadows on the dunes. It appears to be taken from the top of a dune, looking over the desert. It almost looks unreal. It almost looks like a painting to me. Dramatic light, hitting in only selected places. It's a light beyond the dark. This picture reminds me of “the light at the end of the tunnel”, or “the silver lining”.
Winter wonderland. Snow covered trees. Chill filled forest. Taken at eye level. Diffused direct lighting, with the moonlight reflecting off the snow. This photo looks magical. The reflecting of the moonlight on the snow, the crowded forest, it looks like the trees are glowing. If I ever went through the wardrobe into Narnia, this is what I’d hope to see. This is the kind of magical winter I’d hope for.
Busy New York streets. Cars racing by. This picture is one of his blurred movement experiments. Taken from above street level. Buildings casting a shadow over the street, causing diffused lighting. This picture shows the hustle and bustle of New York City. The streets are so defined and still, while the cars race by. People on their way to jobs, stores, home, coffee shops, everywhere. To me the car in the foreground looks like a taxi, iconic to New York City.
New York City. Busy streets. Fast food. Taken from eye level. Diffused lighting, maybe in an alleyway. The wall of a hot dog stand, with a trash right beside. New York is a busy, fast moving place. People are always around the streets, going from place to place. You need to be able to get food fast, and eat on the go. When I was in New York, there were multiple times we were on our way from one place to another and stopped at a little food stand, like this one.

Ten of Mine

Silver Lining

Time Travel

Welcome the Night

Urban America

In Between the Earth and the Stars

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