Class 4 learning journey Autumn term 2

Building relationships

We started this term by getting to know each other.

Discussing our likes, dislikes and ambitions.

Sharing our hopes and dreams for the school year.

Health and well-being

In RSE/PSHE we have been exploring personal qualities, strategies to manage feelings, the impact of sleep and relaxation on wellbeing and identifying how to keep healthy.

A visit from a real Superhero!

We were very lucky to have a local superhero visit and talk to us about the importance of keeping healthy through exercise and a healthy diet.

Andy the firefighter then spoke about the importance of maps in the fire brigade. They help the firefighters find where to go in an emergency. This linked nicely with our geography topic.


Our focus this term was places, locations, map work and fieldwork.

We used simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school and it’s grounds.

We identified the physical and human features.

We used locational and directional language to describe the location of features on a map.

Thank you for sharing maps from home and creating your own maps.

We applied our knowledge from this half term to create a map of our local area.


Our first text this term was Traction Man by Mini Grey. We enjoyed making predictions and sequencing the story.

We even received our very own Traction Man.

We enjoyed using our senses to help us to write a setting description.

Traditional Tales

We then looked at the key features of fairytales including the magic cooking pot, the gingerbread man and Hansel and Gretel. We identified nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs and used them to add detail and make our writing more interesting.

We then applied our skills and did a fantastic job at retelling the Gingerbread Man story.


In maths this half term we have been learning to identify tens and ones and make 2 digit numbers. We have then been comparing amounts using language such as equal to, more than and less than and using < and >.

We remember that the crocodile always eats the biggest number.

This last few weeks we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. This has included patterns, sorting and going on a shape hunt in the environment.


In science we have been learning about the parts of the body and their functions.

We explored our senses and were able to talk about the body parts associated with each sense.

Physical Education

This half term, we have been practicing our ball skills with Mrs Lindley, especially throwing and catching.

Religious Education

In RE, we have been looking at special books and stories of different religions. We enjoyed discussing the different beliefs and customs and sharing our own special books.

Harvest Festival

This was an opportunity to remind ourselves of how lucky we are and help those less fortunate. We showed our gratitude through our Harvest assembly and enjoyed singing and creating Harvest artwork.

Thank you for all your donations.

Autumn Term Two

We are so excited about next half-term as we know it will be so magical.

However, before we start with the Christmas celebrations and activities, we would like to give you a sneaky peak of what’s to come first.


In maths we be learning about measurement, multiplication, division and position and direction.


Our focus this term will be on family and relationships. Exploring how families can be different and looking at the characteristics and impact of positive friendships.


In RE we will be learning about special celebrations.


Oh no! Look what has been spotted at Mapplewell Primary school!

We are sure that Class 4 can help. We will be looking at instructional writing in literacy so that we can write some instructions on how to trap/catch a dragon.

We will also be writing and performing our own dragon poems.

We hope you have a well deserved rest and a lovely half term with your family.