The Triple Threat is back to position you for 3Q A*FAME!

And it is a special HAWAII edition to push you towards National Convention!

Remember, to make A*FAME, you need to have proficient activity and results in 3 areas:




And each event focuses on a specific A*FAME Triple Threat discipline, so you build your path to A*FAME one week - and one category - at a time!

Week 28 is Lei Lei OD! And "Lay" the groundwork for your NEW ACCOUNT pipeline for 3Q A*FAME!!

This week is about generating the activity to build your NEW ACCOUNTS for A*FAME in 3Q! So get out there and knock on some doors and line up your new clients!

What activities should you be doing? Prospecting, setting appointments, obtaining referrals, and following-up from last quarter calls! Get a buddy, make a plan, and drive hard! Earn points throughout the week and earn cash!

And as a bonus incentive, the AAOD ADVANTAGE is back! Any AAOD that is on report in week 28 that becomes a group (3 policies) will count double for your new account A*FAME category! Wooohooo!

Week 29 is ALOHA ABC! Nominating starts with a simple "HELLO", so start the conversation with as many prospective ABCs as you can!

This week is your time to focus on NOMINATIONS! Have fun with it and make it a competition within your District or Region! Maybe there will be some cash and prizes for those that are the most successful in saying "Aloha"!

And with every nomination, you are increasing your chances of achieving A*FAME - and building your ABC BONUS!

Week 30 is time to GO THE DISTANCE! And earn your A*FAME miles from Columbus to Hawaii!

This week is dedicated to pumping out the PRODUCTION! And if you do, you have the opportunity to earn DOUBLE "MILES" towards your A*FAME AP category!

Since the distance from Columbus to Honolulu is 4,471 miles, anyone who matches AP to miles - and produces $4,471 of AP in week 30 - will earn DOUBLE AP CREDIT for A*FAME (must also be a Lei Lei participant)!

And for every NEW ACCOUNT you have hit report , you will receive 500 "bonus miles", so with a new account, you will only need $3,971 in AP to qualify!

So how do you earn Triple Threat status and the extra $500 A*FAME Bonus?

Lei Lei OD: At least 40 approaches entered into SAT and tracking sheet submitted

Aloha ABC: Minimum of TWO nominations submitted to RSC that interview during 3Q

Going the Distance: $4,471 AP on report (including bonus miles)

Check out the Hawaii National Convention video!

Alex Suggs wants you to make your A*FAME! Check out the video!

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