80s Games The Start of a New Era

Games in the 80s were a big thing. We started in arcades with black and white rudimentary Games and teenagers filled these places with the little money their parents would give them during the week.

Asteroids appeared in November 1979. The first time I played with Asteroids was in the summer of 1980. That changed my life completely.

Pac-Man would be the first game in full color. It appeared in the summer of 1980 and rapidly became very popular in the winter of 1981. Bars are cafés would have their Pac-Man machine. It became my second favourite game. A marvel.

Space Invaders, the two-dimensional fixed shooter game, appeared in 1978 but did not become popular until 1980 in Spain. The main aim was to defeat five rows of eleven aliens moving horizontally advancing towards the bottom of the screen. It was one of the most addictive games in the 80’s..

This is the original texture I found on the web. I wanted a blueish color so that the game would be more visual.

These are the changes I have made to the terrain. Combination of pictures, cloning and erasing some of its parts. Personalitzing it has been a challenge.

The wooden surface, originally taken from the Internet .

This is the final result of the wooden surface. The box. Not perfect on the right-hand side but happy with the color and the new texture.

The world I have added is an island with palm trees. Two boxes have been placed in front of the main character. Note that the texture of the boxes is my photoshop creation. More pictures bellow.

Adobe Fuse and Mixamo, key programs to create and model your Unity character.

I have decided to change my avatar, taller, less Wolverine, more agile. I am exploring the island but have realized that some of the mountains are too high. These are the obstacles, to go from one side of the island to the other trying to find the best path to reach the destination.

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