Damian's Slide A slide is a simple machine and inclined plane

I am doing a project on a slide because that is what I enjoy the most out of all of them. Slides are pretty fun but they are also science. Slides are ramps that you go down. When you are going down a slide gravity is pulling you down a slope, but when you go up a slide it is harder because gravity is trying to pull you down and not push you up.

When you are at the top of a slide you have a lot of potential energy.When your at the bottom of the slide you have a lot of kinetic energy. Energy helps us do things in life and same with science. Science and gravity gets us everywhere in life. Without science we would be in the stone age and without gravity we would be in space.

A basic slide

A slide you will most likely see at a park. Also like a seesaw and swing. A swing is a pendulum and a seesaw is a lever. They are all fun to play on. A slide is usually plastic or metal. Metal one burn when they are in the sun for too long. Those were just a few facts.

If you go down a slide it includes physics, potential and kinetic energy. If you drive a R.C. car down a slide it picks up speed because of potential energy. It is quite fun to roll thing down a slide. If you climb up a slide you have kinetic energy, and if you go sown a slide you have potential energy.

So my conclusion is about physics, gravity and energy. A slide is a slope that potential energy and gravity pull you down. You have kinetic energy when you go up a slide. When you go down a slide you also gain speed. That was my conclusion.

A slide is a inclined plane. An inclined plane makes it a lot easier to Carrie things up and down. Also you can slide down it for fun.

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