Senioritis: Hide Your Seniors A new epidemic has struck seniors across the nation

"I basically graduated on May 15th because that was my last day of AP Testing." ~Eliza Smith (Right) "My senioritis isn't as bad as other students' may be. I just don't put as much effort as I could into some assignments anymore." ~Carly Erickson (Left)
"It is unreal to me that I used to be able to sit down and do 3 hours of homework every day. I have to use candy as an incentive to get me to study." ~Tina Vlamis
"Anytime someone asks me to do anything anymore, it's basically like the funniest joke in the world to me." ~Anna Witkowski
“Senioritis really is a struggle...especially when you’ve had it since last year. You try to fight back but it gets the best of us. Congratulations to anyone out there who hasn’t caught it. P.S. I don’t think I have it, I even came to school on senior skip DAYS”~Matt luxeder
“I thought I didn’t care this whole year, then May hit and I can barely motivate myself to come here, let alone do any work. I’m sorry to all my teachers.” ~Kyla Drewry
"This is like when I wanted to give up every year in the past, but just magnified." ~Kaylee Walsh
"It's like having a study hall all day, every day. You just don't get anything done." ~Jake Stow

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