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Welcome to the November edition of TEL for ALL,  an online newsletter for all GRETB FET staff. The purpose of this newsletter is to promote and provide information on how to use Technology Enhanced Learning in classrooms. In this edition we have some feedback from the TEL for ALL workshops; a TEL update for CPD; instructional video for Padlet and 2 exciting projects from students in VTOS Galway City. If you have any good examples of TEL that is being used in your centre that you would like to share, please email alison.jones@gretb.ie and we will include it in your newsletter. Enjoy and, please, send us your feedback and articles!

TEL for ALL Training Workshops

The TEL for ALL introductory workshops are up and running with great success! There have been 9 sessions to date with more scheduled up to December. Workshops were shared via an Eventbrite link and staff were invited to join a session in a location convenient to them. The take up was so good that many sessions were booked out within days. There will be follow up sessions to fill the huge demand. We will also be having some online training sessions in the New Year so watch this space! Workshop participants were asked to identify TEL challenges and opportunities both for staff and learners, share TEL lesson successes, and offered some hands on training on Padlet for online collaboration. Ideas were shared via the TEL for ALL Padlet and you can review what was posted and add a comment by clicking the button below for access to the Padlet wall. All participants were also asked to fill out this survey monkey to help identify further training initiatives - it takes about 10 minutes, so do fill it in if you have any TEL training you would like!

If you would like to host a TEL for All session in your centre please email aoife.fitzsimons@gretb.ie

How to Padlet! An instructional video to get you started

TEL Update CPD

ETBI and SOLAS have collaborated with the National College of Ireland and NUI Galway to create three Blended Learning courses at QQI levels 6, 7 and 8. The level 8 Diploma in Technology Enhanced Learning has commenced in NUIG with 40 participants from ETBs across the country. Level 6 and Level 7 are due to commence in the New Year.

iPad Training: following on from the iPad Training with Wriggle last January, we are aiming to put on some more training with those of you who have been using the iPads in your centre. This is an opportunity to build on the skills and to identify TEL Champions across the FET service. If you are interested in this, please let us know. Email alison.jones@gretb.ie for more information about this.

TEL in Action VTOS Galway City

VTOS Galway City have shared two exciting TEL Communications projects for this newsletter. Galway City's Public Art Trail, Making waves for Galway 2020 and the fundraising and purchase of a defibrillator for the centre in memory of a fellow student. Students used messenger apps, email, desktop publishing, digital photography and Google to collaborate and put into practice communication skills to fund raise, advertise, design and produce a brochure.

The Galway City Public Art Trail is a collaborative project between Art and Communications students, VTOS Galway City, 2017-2018. It is the result of a collaborative learning process between students of the Art and Communications modules. "This Communications project was the ‘stand-out’ part of the course. We learned how to put theory into practice. We learned to develop all the skills learned in Communications to produce something real; group work, presentation, writing skills and to marry this with technology to produce a brochure" .

Making Waves in VTOS for Galway 2020

Defibrillator project. As a tribute to their classmate Kevin Hogan who died suddenly in January 2017, the Health Studies students, as part of their Communications module, decided to form a committee to organise events to raise funds for a defibrillator for their centre.

Using technology, the class designed posters to promote the event, emailed management to seek permission to host the events in the VTOS centre, notified students and teachers by email, Whatsapp, Facebook and text messages. The students researched the various defibrillators and emailed suppliers for advice on cost, installation and training on how to use the equipment.

The defibrillator is now in place at the VTOS Centre (Tuam Rd.). The Communications students dedicated this valuable lifesaving device to the memory of their friend Kevin Hogan. Kevin’s partner BrÍd was invited to the official unveiling of the plaque and defibrillator. " We were able to use the Messenger group app to keep in touch with each other during the process, offering each other support and ensuring that the task was successfully completed." Jobs that were shared out between us included the preparation of a petition, making posters advertising our event and sending out group texts to notify our fellow students about what we were doing. We were able to complete these tasks by utilising skills learned in our Communications class and using technology to put learning into practice."

Health Studies Commuications Class Defibrillator project

Thanks to Diane Keane in VTOS for sharing these exciting projects . If you would like to share a TEL idea or project please email aoife.fitzsimons@gretb.ie and we'll include it in our newsletter!

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