Drawing and Painting Nicole Erlbacher

I feel like I did my best stretching and exploring with this watercolor painting. The drawing itself was a modified contour drawing, which was not what I was used to. I was also not very experienced with watercolor, so that required a lot of experimenting to build layers. I had fun trying new techniques and creating something different.

Originally, my group wanted the girl to be painting a comet through the sky. We quickly realized that this would be more difficult than we thought, so we changed our idea slightly. The girl ended up brushing her paint brush over the stars.

If I had done this project on my own, I would have probably rotated the background so that it was horizontal. I probably would not have added the comet, because I don't think it looks like it belongs. I would have added more stars in its place.

Before I took Drawing and Painting, I had never heard of silk painting. After learning about silk painting I had a lot of fun experimenting with it. I learned that sometimes with silk painting you have to make lemonade out of lemons because accidents are inevitable.
My favorite piece that I created first semester was my charcoal self portrait. I love working with charcoal. I realized that I have greatly improved my charcoal techniques since freshman year. Charcoal is my favorite to work with because it's fairly easy to push darks and pull the highlights.
Next semester I want to learn how to improve my painting skills, because it needs a lot of work. I really enjoy working with charcoal, but I want to learn how to work with color as well. I want to be able to make my drawings look more realistic and use color to enhance them.
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