Ancient Rome Travel guide it is the best place in the world

This is a video about Italy Rome and some of the sites are amazing wishing you would be there!

The location in Rome is Italy Rome is in the middle east that is in Europe.

The Geography in Rome. There are some mountains,Rome is close to Tyrrhenian sea.

this is a GEOGRAPHY

The Climate in Rome goes up and down the scale,there are more rainfall in the winter then the summer,62.

One of the cites in Rome is La Spezia It is a popular place to Romans.

Historic site in Rome are St. Peter’s Basilica: if you are in a high area it looks like a key.

Landmarks in Rome are pantheon It is a church and it has historic tombs.

The coliseum is a place for that Gladiators fight each other and lions and tigers and other wild animals.

Circus maximums is a kind of specific race that can hold 150,000 people.

The high and low relief architecture they created architecture.

The Culture is They are the place of seven hills.

The Romans ate wheat pancakes and cold meat and way more.

The wealthy people lived with great feasts and people feeding them and they had most of the power.

The poor people lived like nothing but millet and get punished for going after the wealthy people.

The family lived and looked like Men held power over the family he even decided if babies should die or live and if his Son or Daughter gets married with another person or even get married at all.

They worshiped In a temple called Buddhism is considered to be where the gods of Rome lived.

The languages and local dialect are spoken in Ancient Rome are Latin and Greek where the dominant language of Rome.


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