ADD UP- Remix Card bidding Elimination Game

Knowledge is power in this card game. Players strive to learn what cards they have in order to collect as many high-value cards as possible. At the same time though, players have to avoid playing the lowest-value card each turn, else they risk elimination. With a collection of special actions and ability cards as well, players have the chance to gain an advantage or set their opponents back.


Build a collection of high-value cards for the final round. Prior to that though, don’t run out of life tokens, or be eliminated. Be strategic in the way you choose and play your cards or else you might not make it to the final round


  1. Poker deck (52 cards)
  2. Buff and Debuff deck (12 cards)
  3. Reference cards (4 cards)
  4. 10 tokens per player
  5. 3-5 players
  1. Shuffle the poker deck. Pass 5 cards facedown to each player. Players cannot look at their cards.
  2. The 5 cards must be lined up vertically next to each other.
  3. Pass 10 tokens to each player. These tokens are Life Tokens.
  4. Place the poker deck and Buff/Debuff deck in the middle of the players.

Types of Game Components

  • Buffs and Debuffs: The player who played the highest-value card gets to draw from the buff/debuff deck. These cards either benefit the drawer or allows the drawer to set back another player. Each card has a different effect.
  • Reference cards: These two-sided cards provide players with information about how to play the game. The information includes two things: the sequence of phases in each round and the Player Actions that players have access to.
  • Life Tokens: Life tokens represent the life of the player. If a player loses all their life tokens, that player is eliminated. Life tokens can be used as payment to perform Player Actions.


Player Actions grant players access to tools they can use to get ahead in the game. Reference Cards denote when Player Actions can be activated.

  • Pay 1 life token: Look at one additional card.
  • Pay 1 life token: During the Draw Phase: Instead of drawing a card, take 1 card from another player.
  • Pay 1 life token: Select one known card that another player controls; shuffle it back into the deck. That player then draws a new card.
  • Pay 2 life tokens: Reveal one card that another player controls; decide whether that player plays the revealed card this round, or shuffles it back into the deck. If shuffled, that player draws a new card.
  • Pay 3 life tokens: Remove 1 life token from another player.
  • Pay 4 life tokens: Exchange your entire hand for a new one from the deck


  1. Players look at one card they control. That card is turned sideways to show that it is known by the player. Once a card is turned sideways, that player can look at the card at any time as many times as desired.
  2. (Optional)Player Actions and Buff/Debuff effects
  3. Players select the card they want to play.
  4. (Optional) Player Actions and Buff/Debuff effects
  5. Players play their selected cards.
  6. (Optional) Player Actions and Buff/Debuff effects
  7. The player with the lowest-value card loses a life token.
  8. The player who played the highest-value card draws from the Buff/Debuff deck.
  9. (Optional) Player Actions and Buff/Debuff effects
  10. Draw Phase: All players draw a new card.


Special Event #1: Card Exchange

  • When a player is choosing which card to play, the player can choose to shuffle one of their cards into the deck and then draw a card from the top of the deck. The player, does not have to play that drawn card this turn, regardless of Player Actions or Buffs/Debuffs.

Special Event #2: A Tie

  • Order of drawing cards is based on order of card value from previous turn from highest to lowest if a tie the suit order is: 1.Spades 2. Hearts 3. Clubs 4. Diamonds


When their are only 2 players left with life tokens. The players flip over all their cards and whoever has the total highest value of cards wins determines the winner. Add up the total number value of the cards. Ace= 14, King= 13, Queen=12, Jack=11



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