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Jason was known for being the leader of Argonauts. A team of heroes who journeyed from Greece to distance Colchis in quest of the Golden Fleece. Jason was the son of the lawful king of iolcus, but his uncle Pelias had usurped the throne.

The golden fleece heels anything

Jason does not have a symbol but he is known for having the gold fleece that him and his group was looking for during his journey.

Golden Fleece

Jason does has sacred animals which are a roe deer, swans, and pytho

His animals

jJason actually has a sacred plant, he is the lore of the plants.

his plants

Jason is, Each ancient and archaic Greek polis would be dedicated to the worship of a particular city-state patron god’, to whom the population.

Golden Fleece

Jason’s father was Aeson, the King of Lolcus and mother Alcimede.

Jasons father

Jason was married to a witch.

Jasons wife

Yes Jason had children and they were not famous for anything.

Jaosns children

Ason gets home to his home-town of the Lolcus with a plan. The throne was stolen from reagan to his father by his uncle Pelias. Than Pelias says he wants to give up the throne… so Jason ends up bringing him to the golden fleece. Which is held in the land of Colchis a long and far away. After that Jason accepts the quest anyway and assembles the most star-studded team of heroes Greece has ever seen to go on the quest with him aboard the magical ship, the Argo.

Jason and the Argonauts have tons of adventures on the way Colchis, like battling Harpies and giants. When they finally arrive in Colchis, King Aeetes says that Jason can have the Fleece just as long he completes three nearly impossible tasks. With the help of Medea, the daughter of Aeetes, Jason completes the tasks, grabs the Fleece and Medea, and sails back to Greece. Few adventures later, Jason and pals are marching into lolcus with the Golden Fleece.

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