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Nowadays videos represent one of the main channel used by business to reach clients. Indeed, it is an easy and enjoyable way to communicate with the greatest numbers of people. Generally, they are short, memorable and have the possibility to be shared easily on a wide numbers of online platforms (e.g social medias networking, blogs..).

Moreover, they can help businesses to achieve several goals: to promote specific products, brand’s image. For example this kind of content are often used by the giant of the beauty industry: L’Oréal. They are using it for promoting products, to raise awareness for their social events, and to share values of their brand. For instance, for Christmas 2016 (video on the side), they decided to be present in the life of customers along this important event. They are presenting the magic of christmas spirit and also remind customers that lipstick can be a good idea for a present.Videos can also allow customers to share their ideas and opinion by encouraging them to comment and use the “tag cloud” by using “#” in social media. It permits to the brands to gather different information about makeup, create a real community: a place where they can encourage people to communicate makeup tips, different methods that they are using feedback on products.

How companies design and implement Social Media strategy?

In a world where technology is constantly growing, companies face new challenges in communicating with their customers. Nowadays, one of the main methodology used is: a social media strategy, which is possible thanks to the web application Web 2.0. It is a strategy which regroups the use of social media (online communication channels such as forum, microblogging, video sharing,social networking..).

Companies need to design this innovative strategy in several steps in order to be efficient. Firstly, they need to define what they are expecting from this: to enhance awareness of their brand, to protect their reputation, enhance professional relationships with their suppliers/ client by communicating faster and on time, build an online community to encourage exchanges between clients sharing same goals about a company, or improve customers relationship.

Secondly, they need to identify which customers they are targeting. Different clients of a company have common traits that businesses need to identify in order to reach effectively their clients.

Thirdly, they need to select which platforms and tools will be the most efficient for them. Thanks to the second step this part will be easier. Depending of their clients, they can choose what time they have to post, what contents are the most enjoyable to communicate with this community.

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Tag cloud

A tag cloud is a way of counting the references to a certain topic and comparing these. Normally in a tag cloud, the size of the topics/concepts reflects the number of times this word has appeared on the website where the tag cloud is situated. This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most important terms and for locating a term alphabetically to determine its relative prominence. When used as website navigation aids, the terms are hyperlinked to items associated with the tag.

The choice of tags is incredibly important on a Website or blog. Your tags should represent what’s important to you and your target audiences. Tag clouds connect people. On a social bookmarking site, people will be able to see how many people have bookmarked the same pages, and they will be able to see other comments as well as their own comments on the same site.

Here are some reasons to make tag cloud for a company:

£ Get to know you customers and how they view you.

£ Get to know yourself and how you portray your brand.

£ Get to know you competitors.

Blogs are websites that are usually set-up and run by an individual. The author of these blogs writes short entries or articles on whichever subject they want. They include a comments section which allows readers to leave comments about what they have been reading. Blogs are one of the ways L'Oréal implement their social media strategy. It is a good strategy in order to share information about new products, share opinions. For L’Oréal, advertising is an important part of their business, and we want therefore to spend a lot of money on this. We would like to give some products to a lot of famous bloggers around the world so they can advertise our products in exchange.


Folksonomy is a system in which users apply tags to a public, it’s used typically to help re-found later the informations and classify internet contents. Besides, Folksonomy is used by companies to rate products and to have more information about customers’ needs in a specific market. This system is simple: users only have to link the content published on the internet to keywords. It allows the information to appear whenever another user search the same keywords.The new trend nowadays is the hashtag (“#”). It represents a really good way to advertise new products, because you can be sure that whenever someone will tape one of your keywords your product will pop up.

L’Oréal use this strategy in lots of social medias networking such as Instagram and Facebook. For example, when they publish pictures of new products they put a lot of tags (as shown on our website) in order to help clients or potential customers to find a product easiler. Another advantage of this kind of advertisement is that it is really cheap very accessible.

The system of tagging touches, all the generation especially the newest ones. We are living in a world where technology is our main source of information. Everybody is connected 24/24, therefore, thanks to innovative ways of advertising like folksonomy companies use internet to their own advantage. L’Oréal can use “tags” as a hidden survey. At the end of a certain period they can see which tags have been used the most and therefore they could see on which products they need to focus more in order to improve their sales.

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