Off Campus At Paso Robles High School By: Corben lopez

We need a open campus at Paso Robles High School, a huge amount of students at PRHS are ditching everyday at lunch to get food they desire. Kai cee said, “I see a huge amount of kids ditching everyday.” This leads to them getting in trouble like suspension or detention which makes our school look bad. This all can go away and give students more freedom and what they want. Most students think that there should be an option to leave campus at lunch to get the food they want. 100% of 14 students think that is true. PRHS sophmore Matthew Mowrey said, “I would love the right to go off campus during lunch and buy fast food, it will also create more happiness and freedom for students.” Of course the school would not allow this because in the PRHS website it says no students are allowed to leave off campus unless they have a off-campus pass but there is a way. A good and fair way is to have a requirement that students with GPAS higher than a 2.5 should be able to have this option. 82% of 14 students think that this a good requirement. This would drive the students to get good grades which would make there family proud and also the school. When asked about this subject Kai Cee said, “ Yeah, I think the students being allowed to leave should have good grades.” This would also decrease the amount of students getting suspended for ditching and increase our school’s average GPA. This would motivate students to go to school because them knowing that they get a 40 minute break everyday to leave campus, to get the food they desire is what would movitave them. Matthew Mowery said, “ I usually get really bored at lunch so getting a huge break like this students would love” The school also might not like this option because they would be losing money but students are tired of eating the same unsatisfying whole grain, less fat/sugar foods. 90% of 14 students think the food is unsatisfying. Some students are not even eating food at all at lunch because of this. Within then the 14 students, 100% of agree that off campus is a great idea and that it would give us more freedom. There are many school that have open campus, one example is Atascadero High School, many of the students their look forward to lunch, so they can take a 45 minute break and get the food they love. Joshua Copper a former PRHS student now at Atascadero High School says, “I went to school at Paso Robles High and the freedom at my school now is the best thing ever, at Paso High I was really bored at lunch and had nothing to do but now all my friends get together and get the meals we want. 100% of 14 students think it’s not fair that atascadero get this option but we don't. Making a change like this would would make a positive impact on PRHS.

Matthew Mowrey is ditching school to get the meal he actually wants, and not the unsatisfying food at the snack bar.

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