Fixing How I think fighting fixed mindset to grow a growth mindset

A growth mindset is like stepping stones. You take it one step at a time to become who you want to be.

The mind is a powerful tool which we can use to help our destroy ourselves. Growing is a part of life, and fighting against it would be futile. To keep adapting and growing, we need to develop a growth mindset!

This shows how different people could view the same situation
Shows how different mindset react in different situations

Summary of Fixing how I Think

I have struggled with having a growth mindset over the years. I am not fully a person with fixed mindset however. I do have a mix of the two mindsets, and the amount of either I am can change on any given day. It differs by subject, workload, and just how I feel. I have struggled the most over the years with math especially. I have only had an A in my math classes twice over the years as a final grade. I always worked at it, but progressively got "worse" it seemed. By halfway through my junior year, I had almost given up on math. I was ready to be done with it, and never have to look at it again. I believed that I had reached the limit of what I could do in mathematics. My senior year strengthened this belief in me. I practically gave up in math. I lost any confidence I had for the most part, and I felt defeated. This impacted my first semester grade in math as well. I didn't try very hard because I didn't believe that I could do it. This semester however, I have gained some of that confidence back, and am working on my growth mindset to be more complete over all of my subjects, and have that mindset more consistently. Since the new semester began and I have started to develop these skills, my grade has improved a great deal over last semester. I hope that I will continue nurturing this mindset and little by little gain all of that confidence back in all of my subjects.


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