No night will ever be the same, but here's a snapshot of what to look forward to:
Throughout the night we will learn from each other, be inspired by each other and make connections with each other

We enjoy designing learning experiences that connect us with each other, and good stories are great teachers and connectors right? Plus who doesn't love a good story? So really, this is an ideal combination for us: A storytelling experience to learn from, be inspired by and connected with each other.

Sometime in August 2016, during a storytelling class in college, it dawned on us how captivated we were each week as classmates shared personal stories that had us reliving hilarious, challenging and hopeful moments with them.

“Oh wow I did not know that about you”

“That is so inspiring!”

“I’ve also had very similar experiences”

Were frequent comments we shared with each other after each story. Through each other’s stories we were suddenly forming a strong knit community. This inspired us. The realization that our life’s experiences tie us together and that by sharing and celebrating these experiences we can continue building an ever-growing community, moved us into action. We imagine groups of friends growing closer, and strangers becoming acquainted as we learn from and about each other and ultimately celebrate our life experiences through stories.

Come celebrate our debut night with us. Tell a friend to bring a friend for a fun night of sharing, being inspired and connected through stories.

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