The adventure of Tony Alcasar By ande ahrendsen

The fun river

Then he went to the lake and he had more fun and swam so much got a cramp and almost drowned. So he bought a cabin and went too sleep. The next morning Tony went swimming again and again and again intell he moved to the clouds and met the cloud candy man.

Cloud candy kingdom

To ny asked the candy man "can i have all you're candy." The candy man said "NOOOOO." Tony went to go cry like a little water drop. Then Tony felt he was sinking he was sinking h tried to run but he couldn't ecscape. He fell straite back down to the glacier his father told him he evaporated.


He just played on his video games for 10 years in a row and he got fat and then he started going on a walk and he fell down into the river again and he lost all his weght swimming and bought another caban and sleeps all night.

The fun river again

He swam into random places then he saw something it was a moose he swam hard but he couldn't escape the mouth of a moose he cried thinking he wasnt going to make it.

The moose that drinks tony

Then Tony came out as pee thinking he wasn't hoping to make but he'd did and he was so happy

Tony and his grandchildren

And they evaporated into the world happy as can be and Tony went to sleep door a very long time and he never woke up again that lazy water drop.

Tony sleeping

Then when Tony's grandchildren got old they told there grand children and it reapeted over and over the same glacier.

The gLacier that every knows and loves

And then everyone was happy except for someone we visited earlier do you know who it is

The question of who wasn't happy

Cloud candy man was not happy because all his candy has been eatin by every water drop then he turned into a sad cloud and cried all day and all night.

Candy man

Here is what people made out of Tony's family


Tony was dead and everyone remembered him


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