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I am in grade 8 at Asia Sumas middle and high school. I like music, art and drama so that's a quarter of the reason why I go here. The other 3 quarters is because my sister goes here and I had no other choice but to go. That's okay though. I don't appreciate group projects and I like being independent. I've been going to Asia since kindergarten. North pop for 6 years, and Sumas for 2. Hopefully i'll be here for the next 4 years. This year we had the choice of choosing between choir or band. I chose choir.
High lights of Asia, especially from Gr. 7, were the rube goldbearg machine. We skipped out on a lot of school work through those couple of weeks because of filming, painting, and trying out crazy "tricks" like creating the word "ASIA" out of human bodies and then attempting to collapse on each other. Our teachers called it " the human domino's" but I called it "an excuse to get out of class"
One of the many projects we did last year was getting tin types done for remembrance day. They were shown in an art gallery in Vancouver, called Artstarts. The process included getting costumes to represent uniforms worn in WWII, getting the picture taking, using a big and bulky camera (we got to take the pictures), getting them developed, and waiting for the picture to show up on the metal plate.
tintype photo
"F.E.A.R has two meanings. Forget everything and run, or, Face everything and rise." - unknown
"Head in clouds"

"Head in the clouds" is a piece I've created inspired by Salvador Dali. It is a surrealist painting that i did for our schools remembrance day ceremony. We were told to base our illustration on a certain style of art that was banned by Adolf Hitler during WWII. My piece represents where most people wanted to be during this awful time period. Up i the clouds. Far away from the chaos.


Created with images by SnapwireSnaps - "jetty water ocean" • Peter G Trimming - "Purple Surround" • RAYANDBEE - "PUPLE TREES" • RAYANDBEE - "ANTARCTIC PUPLE 1" • crackdog - "Tintype of group in early auto, c1910" • Antediluvial - "Purple Anemone"

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