My Literacy History BY SAVANNAH ELCOCK

As a child I used to hate reading books that is unless someone else read for me. My mom would usually force me to read saying it was for my own good.

But then one day my grandma gave me the Little House on the Prairie book series as a gift. At first I was reluctant however when I couldn't find anything to entertain myself with I decided to give it a try.

After reading the first book I began reading the other books and then later on other books. I became so in love with reading as I got older, I began developing an interest in young adult fiction novels. The types of genres I tend to lean towards are romantic, adventurous, and supernatural.

In middle school I had to write a short story for an English class I wrote about a young girl in high school finally gathering the courage to confess her love to her crush. When I got my story back the teacher had given me an A and told me that I should continue writing stories because she thought I was really good. I was so happy that I did what she suggested.

Unfortunately when I became a high schooler I stopped writing stories, though I did continue reading. That is until college, I soon stopped reading the books I love during my free time due to the fact that I was just too busy reading my classes textbooks.

However, now that I am a senior I know how to manage my time so every now and then I find a book of my choosing and read it!


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