Colonial Life By: Alex Tang and Eian Tsou

So, do you want to know what colonial life was like? Well, if you want to, you are at the perfect place to be right now. Read this = genius


The children got a ton of diseases. They also got a lot of mosquito bites too. Doctors bled patients-they cut open their veins and took out blood hoping it would cure the disease. People these days don't do it.

Children had to wake up at 5:00 every morning to do work that kid's these days can't do. Boys usually go help dads milk the cows and get the eggs from chickens, the girls however, help their moms sew clothes. After that children have sweet breakfasts, mostly waffles. Then they go back to work. Doing the same thing. But every single day, the children find time to play games that kids these days don't really play. Like modern hopscotch, tag, and leap frog. In the house, there were very little amount of toys.

One of the toys you would see if you were a colonial child

In the colonial children's time, there was slavery. As you see, there was racism, only black people were sold to white people to become slaves, For your information, slaves are people who work for other people.

Some children are so responsible for grown up jobs that the family can die. Children drank beer otherwise they got yellow fever. Families were mostly big and religious. Oranges were usually give at Christmas, because they were religious.

The colonial children hardly had food to eat. Mostly they just had water and common animals and plants around the area. If they were lucky, they got to eat ox's tongue (which is gross.) Children ate with a plate and spoon made out of a ox's horns (which is also gross.)

This is an ox

So this is the end of COLONIAL LIFE!!! Hopefully you enjoyed it and at least learned something!!! :D



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