Discrimination by: AJ Smith

Thesis: Jim crow laws in the South ended due to changes in the government, mass migrations and groups such as NAACP.

Mass migrations to the North occurred because the living conditions in the North suited blacks more than the life in the South. In the North blacks had the right to vote, the right to purchase property, and they had education. In the South African Americans didn't have these privileges. These mass migrations made it obvious that Jim crow laws weren't agreed on by many people in the United States.

Groups like the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) helped put an end to Jim Crow laws. With many protests and court dates, NAACP's goal was to fight for integration and discrimination. They contributed in the establishment for African Americans right to vote, Education for blacks. Also the ability for blacks to have their own transcription.

Changes in the government such as creating new laws like "Separate but equal" and segregation principle being extended cemeteries, parks, schools and more. he government soon stated that discrimination in public was unconstitutional, Although people did not follow these laws as much as they should have, changes in the government took a big step to ending discrimination.


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