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wSAP Rollout

Jorge Morales / Matt Perron

For most of us in the Pacific market, we will experience varying degrees of seasonal effulgence as winter is upon us. In the spirit of the changing seasons it is no surprise that our tasks as a training team often adapt to the priorities of our stakeholders. In accordance with our Credo - Today was our best, tomorrow we will do better - we can anticipate that we play a vital role as the retail channel works to increase efficiencies and transform its inventory process with the roll-out of wSAP.

wSAP will replace the current retail channel inventory system (VIIA). Developed to be used with an iOS operating system, retail operation teams can expect wSAP to modernize our inventory management capabilities by streamlining our inventory management processes. With an icon driven launch pad, the new system allows users to navigate quickly through operational tasks and use the iOS scanner to process inventory counts reducing the number of errors. In addition, having to manually process ITTS tickets for discrepancies will be replaced with automated processes which will speed up the goods receipt process.

Tyeeluh Hughes and Darius Jones have worked diligently to prepare a handful of trainers throughout the Pacific market to deliver a high quality training to Store Managers and Retail Sales Support. “VIIA has been our inventory system for over two decades and our industry has changed and continues to change. With wSAP it’s very exciting to have a system that is clearly an improvement from VIIA and that can streamline processes and make our stores more operationally efficient. Less time in the back of the house means more time being focused on our guests” – Tyeeluh Hughes – SoCal

Team Tiger Tackles IoT

Esther Smith

Tami Erwin speaking at IoT webcast.

You may have heard EVP Tami Erwin kicking off our Q4’s IoT (Internet of Things) re-launch with an hour-long live stream webinar in November. What you probably don’t know is that the launch of the nationwide IoT campaign began as TPM #23841. Yes, it’s true. Team Tiger’s national IoT call blitz for the next few months is based on a project that was initiated in training! (Go Training!)

Pacific Market B2B Training Manager Lou Kane said the purpose of the IoT campaign is to help B2B reps understand how to position and make money with IoT. Kane explained that the IoT campaign involves “online trainings sent to B2B reps a week prior to a Monday morning IoT webinar, followed by a call blitz immediately after the webinar.”

Lou Kane - Sr. Manager - L&D

A lot of players worked together to make the project happen including team members from IoT HQ, IoT Marketing, and IoT L&D. The roadmap of future weekly IoT training/call blitz topics include subjects like Ag Tech (which was co-developed by former PACM B2B Trainer, Monique Geil), Track & Trace Intel Hospital, and Intel Traffic Management to Data Analytics.

Because of IoT’s growth potential, it’s important for trainers – no matter what channel you work in - to stay informed about IoT developments. Test your existing knowledge on IoT using the links below. You may be surprised by what you already know!

In Indirect News!

Shingo Omori

A new initiative is launching to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Indirect trainers were certified to teach Earn the Right in November. Classes targeting the local indirect employees will carry into 2017. In addition to indirect trainers, DM’s, AM’s, and trainers from select distributors will also be certified to teach Earn the Right. This is not only happening in the Pacific Market, but in other markets as well. The target is to deliver ETR to over 40,000 indirect employees across the nation.

In addition, to help drive higher business sales through our indirect channel, SMB summits have been occurring throughout the market for local agents. During these SMB summits, we will bring in agents for a prospecting workshop and a live call blitz.

Cheri Sudul, an Indirect Account Executive, supporting the Indirect to Business initiative in the South Pacific said the following. “The SMB Summit was designed to increase knowledge and improve prospecting skills. These skills can be used in customer-facing scenarios as well as outbound calls. We discuss why it is important to sell to small businesses and they now understand the opportunities in front of them.” Sudul continued, “We also had a guest speaker Mike Martinez from our Pac South B2B team. Mike shared best practices for cold calling and getting past the gate keeper.” Cheri Sudul explained the activities provided for the workshop. “They were designed to help shape a call script agents could use on prospecting calls. Skill drills helped to reinforce and improve confidence. During the last hour of the workshop, agents were given a list of leads to call to see if we could set appointments and create opportunity. At the end of one training, the agents had identified twelve leads and made five appointments.”

Aldo Bustamante, an Indirect Account Manager that had the following to say about the SMB Summits. “ You could see the excitement in our indirect agents. They were able to transfer learning into action by making outbound calls and setting appointments for future business.”

In addition, the National Indirect training team and a select few account managers have gone through a pilot version of the new IAM on-boarding program. This program will help with ramping up new account managers into their new roles. Stay tuned for more information around this new program in a future newsletter as it continues to develop for a tentative launch in Q1 2017.

Last Edition Caption Contest Winner is...

Morgan Kapololu

"These don’t feel like snuggies Darius!!”

Runner up: Jen Taylor "Here in the P.N.Dub, rain protection is of subjective value."

How creative are you? The best caption for this photo wins a prize!

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Let's meet some trainers, shall we?

Trainer Name: Tiffiny “Finny” Vuong

Favorite Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Dream Concert: Miguel/Frank Ocean concert COMBINED

Cartoon Sidekick: Sorcerer Mickey

Theme Song: Fantasmic! (Disneyland)

Name: Keith Deyoe

Favorite Cereal: Granola (homemade)

Dream Concert Dead or Alive (aka. Led Zeppelin): The Doors, opening for Jimmy Hendrix w/ Stevie Ray Vaughn

Cartoon Sidekick: Barney Rubble

Theme Song: Running Down a Dream (Tom Petty)

Name: Julie Denisyuk

Nickname: Punchy Julie

Favorite Cereal: Special K (strawberry)

Dream Concert Dead or Alive: Tupac Shakur

Cartoon Sidekick: Dori (from finding Nemo)

Theme Song: Fight Song- Rachel Platten

Name: Brian Churchill

Favorite Cereal: Frosted Mini-Wheats

Dream Concert Dead or Alive: Christina Aguilar and Ariana Grande

Cartoon Sidekick: Rocky the flying squirrel

Theme Song: Hill Street Blues

Lets Get Social!

Hi there, Michael. We here at the Pacific Post owe you an apology! We realize we misquoted you when we referred to you as a Credence Clearwater Revival "super fan." Please allow us to retract.

“The Winning Formula is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band of the Earn the Right sales process,” Michael Swanson stated. When asked if he was a fan of NGDB, Swanson simply replied, “Super-fan.”

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