Canbury School Newsletter 13th NOVEMBER 2020. issue 218

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

I was enormously proud of the conduct of our students on Wednesday when we marked Armistice Day at 11am. Luca read "In Flanders Fields" beautifully. It was a poignant and respectful two minutes. Well done everyone.

We had a marvellous day today, working hard whilst raising money for Children in Need. I have to say, it felt almost like the 'old days', as students and staff donned Pudsey Bear bits and pieces and brought in their money to pay for the privilege. In the event we raised an astonishing £204.60. This was made up of donations for mufti, plus £33 from Ms Jones, who toiled late into the evening last night to make the fun face masks which you see staff wearing below and who were asked to donate £3 for.

Children in Need Day at Canbury - thank you so much for getting into the spirit of things everyone.

Extra big thanks to charity prefect Otti who also arranged a 'guess the smarties' in the jar competition (well done Mr Barnes for guessing just over 500). Please don't forget if Otti was good enough to issue you an "IOU" today, to bring in your £1m to her on Monday. Mr B, we hope you don't end up needing a visit to the dentist if you don't share the contents of that jar.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Some very impressive work has been done by the students in their history lesson on Anglo-Saxon England.

Reenie for her determination and perseverance in Maths.

Matthew for achieving over 600 points on Dr Frost Maths.

Excellent work on negative number calculations from Liz, Alex, Sam T, Sam S and William

Year 8

Well done to the Spanish students for their wonderful presentations on their music preferences. Senora Porter was delighted to Good to see some of her favourite bands mentioned!

Particularly good Spanish work from Layla, Freddie aka Carlos, Ollie aka Raul, Karim and Thomas aka Manuel.

Excellent effort and presentation of surface area calculations in Mathematics from Angus, Chloe, Freddie, Ollie, Thomas, Layla and Evia

Year 9

Well done to students for their fantastic work in Geography last week, in particular Miss Dar who created an excellent line graph detailing the differences between the Chinese birth and death rates since the 1950s. It's never too late to keep learning.

Well done to Peter who worked extremely hard and remained focused and on task last week, completing a great Cholropleth map of population distribution within the China's major provinces.

Amazing algebraic manipulation from all of year 9 this week. Keep it up!

Year 10

Well done to the year 10 historians, Otti, Harry A, Harry L and Ain for achieving grades 4 or above for their tests on the League of Nations in the 1930s.

Ain, Harry L, Shaaiyon, Harry A, Otti, Jack, Phoebe, Matthew, Kiran and Mrs Mascari for being willing models/victims during photography these last few weeks. Scroll down to see the photographic evidence in this week's newsletter!

Good focus on transformations in Mathematics from year 10 this week.

Year 11

Well done to Alex for achieving over 500 points on Dr Frost Maths this week whilst revising for his mocks. He was closely followed by Harry.

Year 13

HUGE apologies to our Bailey in Year 13. The Newsletter gremlins said he was in Year 12 last week when in fact he is, of course, at the very top of the school in Year 13. Still, it means he gets a second mention for his excellent work, so what's not to be happy about Bailey?!

Versatile potatoes.....

This week in Biology, Year 9 carried out their core practical on osmosis using potatoes. The students, including Adam, Peter, Anders, Flora, Kyrell, Ross and Carl, worked in their teams with enthusiasm and recorded accurate results which they then had to process to draw their graphs. Excellent work everyone! The eagle-eyed may be able to spot our new Science teacher Miss Mountain helping out.

Running away with themselves.

We’ve been racking up the miles this week in Games, writes Mr Barnes. KS3 started the week by heading down to Kingston riverside and running a quick two mile track from Canbury Gardens to Teddington Lock.

Ross goes for it solo, whilst McGregor keeps up the pressure on Connor.

Luckily we were then back to Richmond Park for Games on Wednesday and Thursday, with KS4/ 5 completing two laps of Isabella and Year 7 having their first crack at the cross country route.

KS3, lucky students back in glorious Richmond Park. Well done William - terrific effort.

Stand out performances from KS3 were Connor running down by the river and William, Matthew, Layla and Chloe recording some excellent times for their first attempt of the cross country track.

For KS4/ 5 Kiran, Luca, Felix and Evie all put in great effort.

House news and awards

This week we had great fun with a House table tennis KS3 competition. Congratulations to Olivia Mc who came first, Peter who came second and Carl who came third. Great points for your Houses gang! Next Tuesday it's KS4's turn. Get practising over the weekend.

Meanwhile the delicious aroma of pizza wafted around the school on Wednesday and Thursday lunch times, as Johnson celebrated their House Points win from last half term. Mrs Rich seemed to enjoy just a little too much walking around the school shouting out "pizza for Johnson, pizza for Johnson". There were a few glum faces around from students and staff in other Houses....If YOU want to get your house points up, do take part in the Christmas Joke competition - who will provide the funniest Christmas cracker? Submit your entry/ries on the google doc previously sent out by Mrs Veacock.

Look at those happy faces!

And very well done to the following students who have now achieved these House Awards:

Brendan - Green Star 30hps and Purple Star 45hps

Orlanda - Bronze Star 60hps and Silver Star 75hps

Rennie - Gold Star 100hps.

Amazing artwork from Year 7

Top to bottom, left to right, Elizabeth, Reenie, Brandon and Sam S, Mathew, Morgan, Alex, William. Sam T did an amazing one too but took his home before we could get a snap of it.

And ingenious art from from Year 10!

Meanwhile Year 10 have been exploring creating sculptures using themselves and found objects around the school. The objective was to create arrangements that were absurd and strange. A bit of fun as an antidote to the world situation at present don't you think?

Guess who?

Kingston Food Bank.....donations this coming week please

Please don't forget to donate any food you may be able to the Kingston foodbank. Our charity prefects Otti and Felix will be delighted to receive any goods on Thursday and Friday 19th and 20th November.

The items that the foodbank are particularly looking for at the moment include: tinned meat and fish, tinned fruit, coffee, tea, pasta sauces, tinned rice pudding, tinned custard, steam puddings, soups, long life milk, fruit juice and squash.