Just keep dancing By: McKenna Bearor

Just keep dancing

This article will be about the wonderful art of dance. I don’t mean drawing art I mean the dancing art. I think you would like this article, or at least you know some new facts about it. But from my perspective you will love it. So keep reading to find out more about dance. I hope you like this article

Dance to the Beat of the What?

You might be wondering, what is dance? But here, let me tell you. For most people, dance doesn’t involve their lives. Well, it should. For example, dance brings you joy, and happiness because when you dance it loosens you up, and helps you relax. In dance, you might think you have to be flexible; but, you are wrong. In dance, you don’t have to be flexible but you know what you do have to do. You have to do stretches every night. It will help you get better at dance and stretching. Dance is kind of like singing. When you sing to the beat, it is just like dancing to the beat but with your feet. So that is what dance is.

My Legs Hurt….

Some people say dance is not a sport….. Well they are wrong. For example, when you are a swimmer, when I was a swimmer I did a lot of the stretches 30 of each stretch and I still do those same stretches in dance you do stretches and a lot of sports do stretches; so, what makes dance so different from all the other sports.In dance, you have to have technique just like in any other sport. And, trust me, when you dance, you look pretty and sweet, and strong. But, in other sports, you look sweaty and gross. But even if you go to dance you will sweat a lot. Also, here is why dance is a sport. In dance, you have to use your muscle and point. So, I really don’t know anyone who dances that has no muscle. Anyway, that is why dance is a sport.

If you like to work hard, you might just like this sport

So now you know that dance is hard work. So you might like it more. Here are some reasons why you would want to dance:

You can get a lot of muscle in your legs from it

You can let yourself go free a little

You can learn the beat more

, All of these will help your life a lot especially with sports, because you will have a lot of muscle from it. It will also help get the stress away. Also, help you in music when you practice beats you would just pretend you are dancing.Plus, you might like dance because you like acting, in some kind of dance the dance instructors want you to act. In dance you can have expression, you can dance with your emotions, and while you dance you can tell a story. That is what dance is and why you should like dance if you are really interested keep reading because their is a lot more things to find out.

Shorts T shirt who knows

So you might want to do dance and you were scared and did not know what to wear and they went to dance with shorts and a T shirt on but that is definitely not what you wear for dance maybe only in hip hop but nothing else. You have to go to a store and get something called a leotard and tights and for shoes you would get either ballet shoes hip hop shoes jazz shoes and tap shoes. Those are all the dances they really have. To get those shoes I would suggest going to Saratoga Dance,that is a place where they will have everything you need for dance except for a dance studio, I also suggest going to Glens falls Ballet and Dance center, that is where I go and now I am getting great at it, I also get a lot of opportunities. For example I am doing a Thanksgiving parade and I get to dance at the harlem globetrotters halftime game. So that is why you should do dance and the benefits that dance can bring to you in your life.

So I hope you liked this article. Now you know so much about dance. If you think dance it is interesting then give it a try. But it is also ok if u think it is not for you, everyone has their own opinion, even me. I truly hope that you want to dance. Or at least get out of your house and have some fun. With my opinion you should join. Who knows, I might even see you at my next dance rehearsal.


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