Gaming Hate By: Dawson Houston

Why do people hate on those who play video games?

Whether you know it or not, gamers get a lot of discrimination for how they spend their free time. This is because they spend it playing amazing creations of technological advancements. So why is it that so many are ridiculed for this activity?

Population of Gamers

There were approximately 320,000,000 people in the United States according to the 2015 U.S Census. A study by the Pew Research Center showed that about 49% of Americans play video games. 10% of which called themselves "Pro Gamers". So approximately 160,000,000 Americans play video games.

Why do people hate on games?

Most people dislike the idea of playing games because they believe that video games are a waste of time and that they have no positive effects. This is FALSE! Video games may seem like a waste of time but they can improve many physical functions. Video games can enhance ones hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Both can be a very important in everyday situations.

How big is the video game industry?

Many think that the video game industry is not a large or expensive one. This is also false. It was estimated by Newzoo that the video game industry is a 100 billion dollar industry. Not only is it a very profitable industry it is also a large one. There have been a total of almost 44,000 video games released. This includes Playstation, Xbox, PC, MAC, arcade games, handheld games, and others.

Why do people play games?

Games are a virtual world in which you can be yourself. There are so many different games that there is one that will fit you just right. They let you be creative and help you think outside that box. You have to think in different ways and become more strategic rather then just winging it. You have to think before you act.

Why shouldn't gamers be hated?

Gamers shouldn't be ridiculed because of what they do. They have a right to play video games and it isn't right for them to be hated for it.

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