Vibe-kicks Dustin NgUYEN(OWNER)

Describe how you came up with the company. I've always loved sneakers and the community. I've been collecting, selling, and trading for almost 2 years so I decided to turn it into a business.
Explain who or what inspired you yo start your business? Do you have someone who encourages you to go above and beyond? The people who got me inspired to start collecting is a guy named Christian Blight. He has a you tube channel and is very successful in what he's doing. The people to push me to do what I do everyday are Wajeeh Mahmood, and Yousef Erakat. These people are a inspiration to me because they have to handle hard things yet still manage to do what they do. Wajeeh goes to USC and owns half a youtube channel with his brother. Yousef Erakat goes through things I can't really explain and was active on Youtube for 5 years.
Describe yourself and your family and how they have helped shape who you are. My family does not support me nor like what I do but because they think it’s a waste of money but I don’t care cause it’s what I like. To describe myself I’m a very chill person and it takes a lot to make me mad. Out in public though I’ll only talk to like workers or people I know but if people approach me too quickly or I don’t like them I’ll ignore.
Describe your skills, accomplishments, and what you enjoy doing in and out of school and how it might relate to your business? I’m good at bargaining which can help buying or selling. My biggest accomplishment is buying my yeezy V2s which I’m very proud of. I don’t really enjoy school unless I’m talking to friends or eating lunch. For the most part I don’t talk to too much people in school but that doesn’t mean i don’t like to talk it just means not today. It doesn’t really help in my business but if I’m working i’ll talk and be more social. I tend to be more active socially outside of school with people I’m comfortable with.
Who are your typical customers (target market)? My typical customers that I usually go after are people ages 13-48 but more for the younger ages because I’d be selling things that would be more of a trend or recent releases. Though regardless of age, I go after people called “sneakerheads, or Hypebeast”.
Explain what will make your business different or unique from your competition and why it is your company is likely to succeed. It’s unique because we would be doing giveaways, charity events, and host fetivals/events to be known more as a way of advertisement.
What is your mission statement. What do you want to do with your product/service and who are you making it for and why? Summary: What do you want your company to accomplish for your customers? Now put that into words. That will be your mission statement. I making this service by selling products to sneakerheads. I want my company to be able to provide the want of sneakers they are looking for. I know that it can be hard to get certain sneakers so I want to be able help with that.
What is the cost of your product or service (one unit)? What you are going to charge your customers. What does a typical sale look like in the amount of time you spend and how you your deliver your product. Is there any special packaging or shipping costs? How much money do project you need to get your business started? Well each product is a different price so it depends what you get. I’ll charge my customers after market price or a little lower. The products will be up on display so you just ask a worker for the product and they will get your size. There will be no shipping cost. I will need around $15,000 to get the products.
How might your business have a positive effect on your community (besides your great business). Will you help a charity or organization? Will you donate money to a good cause? How do you plan on doing this good for your community? What amount of money or percentage would you offer or do you just want to give your product or service away for free or will you do both give money and product/service away? It can fill up the need of an item in people’s sneaker collection. Once I start doing really good in my business I will donate money to charity and do give-aways. I would give a product away


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