Asia Land of the thunder dragon

Japan, Land of the rising sun

China, Home of jade

India, Country of the tallest peak

The red panda is a species that originates in china.

The giant panda can consume up to 40 pounds of bamboo in one day.

Amur Tiger, this tiger is known for climbing up trees.

The name Asia originated from the ancient Greek word Ἀσία It was originally just a name for the east bank of the Aegean sea.
The tectonic plates in Asia are the Eurasian plate, the Arabian plate, the Philippine plate and the Indian plate.

How Asia took its modern form

Asia was once a barren frozen wasteland, before the fall of the ice age. 18,000 years ago the ice age ended and the sun broke through the clouds (literally) and as the ice broke away Asia started to look more like... Asia.

On the left is Asia now, on the right is Asia 18,000 years ago

Here you're able to see Pangaea break up and form the modern continents, at about 0:07 into the video you see India break off from Africa and slowly drift toward Asia, it eventually crashes into Asia an it forms the continent we know and love today.


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