NATURE By HEnry wadsworth longllow


In the first stanza of this poem is about a loving mother taking us to bed. Taking us by the hands gently to bed. The child half wanting but half not.

In the second one talks about our broken toys and how he laves them. we still looks at them from the open door. Not totally relaxed in bed.

The third one talks about how we are not pleased by being in bed. Thats when nature deals with us by taking his toys away one by one.

The last one talks how mother nature takes us back to bed gently. The kids wondering if he should stay or leave. But we are too sleepy to know what to do. That the unknown is too far from the things that we know.


This poem is just a big metaphor. It is comparing nature to a loving mother and her son would be us. Its full of imagery for example "Still gazing at them through the open door,"

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