A Transformation Through Design + Build LAR 506 Syme Hall Design + Build 2019

Design + Build (LAR 506) is a fully unique experience that prepares prospective designers for real-world practice. It is a hands-on "landscape architecture design" studio that has been offered to College of Design students for nearly a decade. It puts them in a scenario where they must conduct research, perform site analysis, ideate solutions, and construct a project for a client within a budget and a time frame.

Created by Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Andrew Fox, ASLA, the first project by the studio in 2010 involved designing and building a rain garden outside of NC State's Syme Residence Hall - one of the student residence halls adjacent to the NC State Design campus.

NC State's Syme Hall Master Plan - 2019

Since then, the studio has grown the project into a multi-phase transformation of the landscape outside the residence hall, with the vision to improve the green infrastructure - and the overall student experience - within the context of NC State's land grant mission and the Campus Sustainability Strategic Plan. The project has received major support and funding from NC State University Housing and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

Ribbon-cutting for Design + Build's Syme Hall Rain Garden in Summer 2010.

Syme Hall Rain Garden in 2019

Syme Hall Rain Garden in 2019.

In Spring 2019, students in LAR 506 embarked on Phase 3 of the Syme Hall Design + Build project in collaboration with NC State University Housing, the Office of the University Architect, and Campus Facilities. Teaching Assistant Professor Carla Delcambre and Assistant Professor of Practice Jesse Turner led the studio.

Students created environmentally responsive solutions at all developmental levels, from concept through installation.

They gained an increased awareness of various viewpoints, approaches, and research found in related fields of study and in professional practice.

And they improved the design research skills that better inform the everyday decision-making processes they will use within their eventual practice of landscape architecture.

From creation to completion, students were involved in every aspect of the design process.

Brick by brick, using recycled brick from NC State's iconic Brickyard.

Undeterred by rain.

And boldly taking on new challenges.

Students hosted Chancellor Woodson to articulate the studio's vision.
The studio partnered with NC State Sustainability to lead a tour of the site.
They capped off the project with a Design + Build Planting Day.

And finally saw their hard work culminate in a Ribbon-Cutting on April 26, 2019.

A well-earned celebration!

This will be the first NC State campus project to seek SITES certification, which is a framework that provides performance measures for designers and engineers seeking to create sustainability-focused sites.

Thank you for all of your hard work to make NC State's campus more sustainable!

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