Icecream By: z.s

Chocolatte,Strawberry and Cremed Vannilla. All theese flavors are sweet and chilly,

Take theese flavors, stack them high, untill they reach the cloud filled sky!

Everyone likes icecream! Even cats too, but.. do you like icecream too?

What's this icecream you talk about? It sounds delicious! Tell me how.

Icecream,Icecream, the wonderfull sound, when the icecream trucks ring around!

Icecream,Icecream, now you know, that you can even eat icecream when it snows!


Created with images by blu_pineappl3 - "ice cream" • marcruiz - "ice cream dessert strawberry" • Honou - "Sky" • jetalone - "Bichicco licking Icecream" • ayeletphotography - "ice cream italy italian" • dave.see - "Gatton Show" • Flikkersteph -4,000,000 views ,thank you! - "snow"

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