Hero Dawon Yang

I think the hero from the Pentateuch and the book of History is Noah. Because he was the one who made the ark, and saved his family and all the animals. Noah and his family were the only people who believed and obeyed God. If Noah did not obey Him, and did not make the ark as God said, we would not be here in this world. Noah lived for God all his life. Noah is our hero and savior.

I learned how to obey God and love Him through Noah's life. Even though nobody helped him to make the ark, Noah didn't complain to God. He listened to His words and made the ark as God said him to. Noah thanked God for saving him and his family's life.

God Called the Animals to Noah
Noah was in the ark with the animals and is family
God promised not to kill people by Flood, rainbow is the symbol
Noah checked if the land is dry by sending the birds


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