Eva Peron by piper snow

Eva Peron was a very important Latin American individual. Born and raised in Argentina, she soon changed her country for the better along side her husband, Juan Peron, the president of Argentina. Although not given an official title, Peron acted as the minister of health and labor. One of the things she did in her lifetime was improve the rights of women. She is responsible for the woman's suffrage law. She also formed the Peronista feminist party. Eva also increased the wage to the union which increased her popularity. Another thing she did was create the Eva Peron foundation. Eva was very important to her country due to her benevolent way she changed her country.


Of the eight themes of world history, Eva Peron identifies most with the revolution and power and authority themes. Peron relates to the revolution theme because of the immense change she brought to woman and people of her country. Not only did she change rights for women, but she also changed the lives of the poor. Peron relates to the power and authority theme because she was in a position of power. She was the president's wife, and because of this she was in the public eye. She helped her husband run the country.

"I demanded more rights for woman because i know what woman had to put up with."
"I know that, like every woman of the people, I have more strength than i appear to have."

These quotes show Eva Peron's belief in woman's rights. She believed that woman were capable of many things and deserved everything a man deserved. She fought for woman her entire life.

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