poland by:Hunter Francis

People in Poland prefer to spend time in parks or reading books and going out side enjoying the weather.Poland has a older bit of style look to it and the people.

One of Poland's land mark is Auschwitz concentration camp,This was all so a Nazi camp in Poland.

Poland looks like and it looks really big to other country's in Europe.There are 90 city's in Poland and each one is absolutely ginormous.

The Poland langue came from the east part of Europe.The people of Poland speak English like us here in the u.s.a .

Poland's religion is Roman Catholic, 80-96% of people in Poland are Catholic .That is all most all of Poland population.

Poland's favorite food is Pirogi,it looks kinda like cow zone.The stuff they put in this is hot sauce,bacon bits,olive oil and much more I just put the impotent stuff in the ingredients.

Some of Poland's sports are volleyball,foot ball basketball,rugby and handball.This is a video of handball.

Some of Poland's type of music are classic music and popular music.They play things like piano and violin and much more here is a video of there national anthem in some sorta piano looking thing.

Poland people where fancy looking dress and tuxedos with sweaters tide a round them. Here's a video of them dancing...

Poland people wear normal close just like us but when soothing like a traditional thing is happening they wear fancy close.

House and apartments go for colors like yellow, white, tan, red dark green and more.Classic looks are Poland main looks for houses,but there are a few new looks in Poland.

The head of the government in Poland name is Michael D. Higgins. Michael was good at a lot of things like Poitier and more.

Poland was in war with Germany and Poland had a Auschwitz death camp.One million men and women were killed in this camp and over 140,000 visitors every year.

One of Poland's king's that had a grate be for his name. Casimir the grate he helped completed the the work to reunify the state.

One actress named Nick Adams, or beast known as king of johnny Yuma TV .He played in a movie called troubled young man. Brownish Kasper Malinowski is a famous author he rote The Golden Bough. Ignacio Paderewski was a singer.

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