Poems By:Jill gijon


I see you roaming around in the morning breeze

I want you to stop by and say hi but you never do

I miss you

I need you but you don't know it

I stopped beliving in you

I hear you all the time in church and in hospital rooms

I depend on you a lot like my body depends on my heart

I watch you with others

Time is ticking but you still don't come

I trusted you but you let me know like melting snow

it's over i don't need you

you played with me

Hope Hope Hope

you were all i had

know i don't even know


Everywhere I turn I see you

I hear you in the halls of school

I feel you all the time you pass by

I look into mirrors and I get nervous

You're in classroom on the piece of paper the the teacher hands out

You are just playing with me like I'm a little barbie doll

I watch how you play with others

I need to be able to accept who I am

But every time I try you always know a way to knock me down


Their smiles are as beautiful as the sunrise in the morning

The babies outfit as white as an angel

His eyes sparkle as he was holding his two beautiful children

Each child is like a ray of sun,

lighting his day

On the cloudy days he knows how to make them smile

Make them forget about all the bad things there are

He takes them to where the rainbow is

Trying to find the pot of gold

But knowing it's gonna take a while

Political / Social Issue

Everyday I'm trying to see beyond the limits

Everyday getting harder and harder

To see beyond what people have become

I am drowning in a world of lies and secrests

Not being able to know what's real or what's fake

Everyone saying things over and over

Everyone is just making things complicated

I want to forget about everything going on

wanting peace for a bit


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