the horror on the boat

He was running away from the terrifying spirit As it grabbed him he knew he’d always fear it He awok shaking and scared from his terrifying nightmare He breathed in the fine air It was then he realized the amazing smell downstairs He walked down the stairs and grabbed a chair Hes loving mom said to him “we need to talk” it’s going to be a bit of a shock Your grandmother died and left us the ship black bess We're going to go on it in the summer though It's a bit of a mess

The vessel was a mess it's name was SS Black Bess The bow was cracked With algae on the back But it was able to fix Back into the mix The yacht Was shot There was a Creak And something peaked

They walked up the slowly moving boat And he swear he saw a man in a coat He slowly breathed and stared at them He looked around and he even saw a stem He looked back and no one to be found Just went with his friends and started to play around jumping Running,shouting, hiding

And hear a terrifying scream Most hope it is just a dream They go to the room of marta And she is not there it takes a team of three To face the scare that lies there The card is spelled with neat handwriting And this is why it’s so frightening the note was red like blood What was written stopped everyone you shall go if you want to live Or else the world will start to spin There is one way to go To the captain's quarters you must go Or off the boat for water to fill your throat. You decide.

The captain's quarters sealed tight Zacron opens the door and there is a hand Made of water it grabs him tight and flings him off The boat. Water rising: people panicking. The water almost to the top he remembers: the hole in the roof unplugging the cap; the water rushes out WHOOSH…

After That They Go Into The Room They went in there and began to gloom amunuel got an idea lets split up for clues Also don't go for a snooze Be back at 9:00 Or the ghost will dine So they all went their separate ways And they all started to gaze

They met back at 9:00 And none of them had found any clues And a terrifying spirit that looks like zacron came Just terribly wet and looked lame told them what they need to do if they want to go They need to find her coffin and throw it off the boat Then they remember the big note Also if the ghost catches she'll throw you off the boat And frigid water will fill your throat

They spread about for the coffin sheila looks down the smokestack And sees a sight And screams through the night Of a ghost that takes and silences her The rest hear the scream and They run into the anchor room and see a familiar face and find a friend they thought was at an end

They find marta and she tells them what happened She got thrown off the boat But saved herself by grabbing on to the anchor when they pulled it up she climbed Only to see a locked door She was so confused When there was only 3 He explained that zacron and sheila died The coffin was black And filled with cracks He started to push And saw and a hand on the hook He threw his book And shoved the coffin

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