Marry Wollstonecraft Anthony abrams

Summary of ideas - Marry Wollstonecraft was a women rights activists and she believed women should have the same rights as men. She believed in overcoming the denial of there potential. She believed that lack of girls education is a large contributor to women's condition in this time period. She said that "women buy into the oppression by only caring about being attractive and elegant."

Impact of idea on society - Mary Wollestonecraft believed that all people deserved an education and that's what she was mainly fighting for. She herself did not receive much formal education. She and her sister taught themsleves by studying books at home. This experience shaped her view on education to be held very highly. She fought for women being able to get the same schooling as men and helped them do so. Marry changed education to only being allowed to men to being something available to all.

Impact on traditional beliefs in society - Education was though highly towards men but women education was meant toteach them how to be a helpful wife and a good mother. In 1792 Mary wrote and essay titled "A vindictation of the rights of woman. She disagreed with Rousseau that women's education should be second to men's. She argued that women need to have an education just like men which teaches them to become virtuous and useful. This essay changed the view of many people because everyone was used to the traditional schooling for women but Marry Wollestonecraft changed that.

" Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience" - Marry Wollstonecraft

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