Elements of the Solar System

Comets are irregularly shaped body made up of grains of matter and frozen gases. The three parts it's made up of is coma, tail, and nucleus. Sometimes they are called dirty snow balls. During it's trip around the sun, the gases boil off, carrying dust. After all gases boil off, solid material becomes either meteoroid or asteroid.

Asteroids are classified as rocky and metallic objects that orbit the sun. They are considered too small to be planets. Most of them lie in a belt, between Mars and Jupiter.

Meteors are a streak of light in the sky from a meteoroid from burning up because of friction. It burns up as it goes through space. Sometimes called "shooting" stars. About 3,000 metric tons fall to Earth as dust per day.

Meteoroids are a piece of stony or metallic material traveling in outer space. They are smaller then asteroids. It travels around the sun in orbits.

A meteorite is a meteoroid that reaches the surface of the Earth without burning it up. It is also considered a meteor that has hit the ground. Types include: stony, stony iron, and iron.

By: Mallory Thomas, Sarah Verneuil, Taylor Decker, and Taylor Jessie. :)

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