Defense of Donna Osborn By: Esther,Jazmine,Pamella,Beatriz,Tori

Donna Osborn, mother and a high school teacher, has been charged with second degree murder of her husband, Clinton Osborn. On February 14,1991 he was found dead in his garage with two bullet holes in his back which was the cause of death.

We Strongly believe that Donna Osborn should not go to jail for the second degree murder of Mr. Osborn.

Donna Osborn's abusive relationship.


Today we will hear a lot about whether our defendant is or isn't guilty, but it is clear that our client is victim of abuse and has been for awhile now. Finding this young woman guilty would be like telling your child they are wrong for standing up to a bully. The most heartbreaking testimony today is from none other than Donna Osborn. Mrs.Osborne recalls several moments where Clinton Osborn on multiple accounts belittled her and trapped her inside her home. preventing her from having any outside relations such as friends and family members. Donna suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of her husband. Unfortunately for Mr. Osborn, an aggressor, bully, and a manipulator, finally pushed Donna to her limit. Mr. Osborne came home one night angry so Clare decided to hide his gun, once Clinton realized his gun was missing he reacted by saying, " I know you've taken my gun. But that's ok you keep it I prefer to use a baseball bat" (Pappas). At that moment Donna felt the right thing to do was protect her and her child, and she did just that.


Lee Harris, a staff member from Options for battered women had said that he had received numerous calls from Donna Osborn. These dates from the hotline calls show a few of many of what had happened to Mrs. Osborn:

  1. March 7, 1990, this day was Donna's first call, which she had said that she had been pushed down the stairs and left her with a broken arm.
  2. November 23, 1990, Clinton had hit Donna in the ribs with a golf club to the point that she had broke two of her ribs.
  3. February 8, 1991, Clinton physically beat Donna, which resulted with having twelve stitches on her head. All that she had been through Donna still didn't call for services to protect her.

Clinton was a very violent person; his wife stated that, "he had pushed me down [the stairs] a few times while I was pregnant in 1988" (Osborn). It was very logical for her to pull the the trigger to end her misery. People might also ask why didn't she just ask for help, it was because she was in fear that her husband would abuse her even more.



Donna Osborn had always felt left out due to her mother-in-law, Clare Osborn. Clare Osborn, also Donna's prosecutor claims that Donna is guilty and should be put in jail. Her testimony was filled with criticism rather than facts to why this had happened. Some of what Clare had told the judge was:

  • She was not capable of doing things by herself or was independent.
  • she never did simple jobs such as cleaning the house, getting groceries, or maintaining bank accounts.
  • He had always had a burden on himself as he is the head of the family and had to do everything for his family.
  • Clare thinks that Donna is lying about what Clinton had done to her because she just believes that her son is to good for her and is a loving father and son.

Clare says that she "only saw Clinton be a little rough with Donna on one occasion. He had shoved her into a chair"(Osborn). Clare is just protecting Clinton because he was her son and "knew" that Donna didn't do anything for him. Donna's life had been revolved around her husband and was almost brainwashed to be tormented by him as the norm.

Donna Osborn is now emotionally and physically stable.

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