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GA or called General Academics are students who are undecided for their future, they are usually the ones who are athletic or the ones who want to explore the world more. GA is made by several parts that make it a whole. Some of which are the student-athletes, the GA field trip and the GA diversity itself.

To start off, let's begin with student-athletes. In GA, most of the students are born athletic, some of which are good at basketball mostly but not only that, some are also good at different sports like track and field, judo, swimming, badminton, tennis and ping pong. Some student-athletes in GA however struggle to maintain their grades because of their training schedules and sometimes because of their games; wherein they are pulled out of class and they will then miss out a lesson. Student-athletes also are being idolized by a lot of students because of how they are able to enjoy their high school no matter how hard their schedules are and how tiring they would get.

In GA, there are several events that keep the students up on their heels. One event in particular is the GA Field Trip. In the GA Field Trip, we explored a farm wherein we walked on tall grass to get to a flower planting area, we walked around to see all the different kinds of animals they grow up there, and some students even experienced walking with a carabao with no shoes and socks which then led to them to being muddy, after all that; we were then asked to buy their products such as their strawberry juice. Not only did we experience a farm, but we also went inside a house that contains a lot of historical materials.

In GA, the main thing that keeps it a whole is the GA diversity itself. It holds subjects that do not contain a specialized subject because the students are undecided and do not need to concentrate on a main subject.

Top Photo: Kai Sotto, Jason Credo and Dave Ildefonso of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets Bottom Photo: Austine Dy of 11-Favre, and Diego Montes of 11-Favre

Being a student athlete in the Ateneo Senior High School has its ups and downs. Mainly because academically we have to balance our time for practice and studying. Most student athletes go home late and tired therefore not able to study efficiently for school. But aside all of this, as an athlete it is the satisfaction of doing more which motivates me to continue as an athlete.

Loyola United Handball team coached by Mr. Gutierrez

Ateneo Blue Eaglets

The sports activities that includes students from the General Academics strand are Basketball, with SJ Belangel of 11-Brebauf, Jason Credo from 11-Canisus, Dave Ildefonso of 11-Chabanel and RV Berjay of 11-De Brito are one of those. They are currently inside the Final Four as of February 2017 and is looking to win the UAAP jrs, title.

Ateneo Juniors Football Team

The Ateneo Senior High School is also home to its junior football team which also comprises of GA students like substitute Goalkeeper Joaquin Nacino of 11-De Brito, Vinnie Vinculado of 11-Chabanel, and Jenlord Barcelona of 11-Favre are one of those.

From left to right: Joaquin Nacino, Vinnie Vinculado, and Jenlord Barcelona
Ateneo Taekwondo Team

The Ateneo Taekwondo team has garnered recent success in this school year including some gold medals won by a few of these members. The members of this team from the GA strand is Amiel Baradi from 11-Brebauf, Harley Santos from 11-Chabanel, Jennica Dizon from 11-De Brito, and Diego Montes and Austine Dy from 11-Favre.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. In English, this means "a sound mind in a sound body". These athletes should keep in mind that they are still students of the Ateneo and that they should learn how to balance their extracurricular activities to academics so that they may have a sound mind and a sound body as well.

GA Field Trip
The class of 11-Favre inside the Church of Divine Mercy

Back in December, The General academics (GA) strand had it's own fieldtrip to let the students cool off after weeks of requirements and bombardment of quizzes and Long tests. There were a lot of activities in store for the student in the GA strand. They went to two places, One was a well known church in Bulacan called Divine Mercy, where they were taught about how to be yourself and don't let others sway your decisions in life. The second place where the student went was the salikneta farm. Students had a lot of new experiences there such as tilling the land with carabaos, playing around the mud and learning how the farmers do their job, one highlight also was that they had the chance to milk the cows.

Diversity in GA

One of the unique things about the GA Strand is that you are able to choose from different subjects which are called electives. Some examples of electives are Biology, Business Ethics, and Philippine Politics. As you can see, some of these electives aren’t that connected to each other which makes the GA Strand diverse because of the choices of which electives you take. This is what makes the GA strand different from all the other strands, because you can choose your own set of subjects unlike in other strands which are already focused on specific subjects.

Final Words

Being a student of the General Academics strand is hard, just like any other strand, but what makes this strand unique is that the amount of choices you can have in your future. This strand is referred to as the "Undecided Strand" as this is the strand where you can choose your own subjects come Grade 12. The General Academics strand also offers a clutch of athletes that help gain some honor for the Ateneo and they embody Mens Sana in Corpore Sano and are hopefully able to balance their time between extracurricular activities and academics. Lastly, the most prominent activity in the General Academics strand is the Field Trip and that shows us how to cope with nature in all ways and finding God, such as the talk in the Church of Divine Mercy and in the Salikneta farm, where we had some interesting and fun activities.


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