I´m bored A guide of things to do in Los Angeles

Have you ever been to Los Angeles, well if you have not then this is for you. In Los Angeles there are many things to do. You have nice weather nice people cool places and things to do at night.

The santa Monica Pier, the origanal muscle beach, downtown la, and the nike own on the third street promonade


Los Angeles has many places to go have fun. Take the beach, you have so many things to do all in one place. You can go swimming you can go to Annenberg community beach house or check out muscle beach. Even above the beach there is a bike path and ocean avenue a cool place to find a hotel to eat at.If you want to go to a amusement park that is not very expensive you should go to the Santa Monica pier they have a roller coaster and many other things including good ice cream! This is also on the beach. If you wantsome history you should go to will rogers state park. You can check out will rogers house and his hundreds of acres of land. Also if you are looking for a nice hike or a nice view you should go to the Santa Monica mountains where you have beautiful views of downtown LA and santa monica. If you want somewhere to go shopping you should definitely go to the third street promenade they have a wide variety of stores and cool street performers.

The beach on a sunny day


Los Angeles is also a very nice place for you if you want nice weather all year round. It is usually above 50 degrees fahrenheit every day. This means that you can play a summer sport say golf, you can play that all year round because the course is never covered in snow. Did you know that the hottest days in santa monica average to be in october. Even more reason to live there I mean who would not want to live in a place that is super hot in winter. Also that means it is green all year round so that means now trees with no leaves.

California has a diversity of people


California, especially natives to LA are known for diversity and class of people. The first thing you might want to do is go and search out some celebrities and get some autographs and maybe even become friends with them. If that does not work you might want to try to befriend some neighbors or some people that live nearby. Since Santa Monica is also very close to Beverly hills you could also make friends with some people there and trust me the people in beverly hills have very big houses. People from Santa Monica are known to be some of the nicest people around another reason that you should move there.

Night life

You also need things to do at night besides watch TV and sleep. There are many other things to do besides that. First you can go hang out in LA live a fun place with many things to do and fun restaurants and it is next to the Staple center so you could go and watch a game. Maybe go to the urban lights at night when they are on or go to griffith observatory.You could even go and watch jimmy kimmel live. Maybe even go and see the hollywood sign. You could go to the universal city walk or go to abbot kinney drive and shop. And so much more.

A birdseye view of LA at night

As you can see you should definitely go to LA and do things that were stated in this essay trust me it is very fun.


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