Elements of Composition A sample portfolio by Mr. Price

The cover photo of Bentley not only features the rule of thirds but also has an implied leading line -- his line of sight focusing on the toy. I was simply trying to get a photo of him in the sunbeam to create contrast, but my wife tossed a ball on the floor and this happened. The photo catches a very energetic subject at a rare moment, where he is nearly at a dead stop with his fascination of the toy. However, he's about to spring back into attack mode as witnessed by the paw drawn back to swat at the ball.

Patterns can be ugly. This wooden fence in my neighborhood is nearly monochromatic, yet ha just enough variation to be interesting at this distance,; otherwise, it is UGLY. I wanted to focus more on a pattern than leading lines, and the knotholes and spaces between the boards give it enough variation to create interest.

A sunset in Florida. I was working on a stop motion/time lapse project and wanted to capture negative space, or at least create a sense of negative space even though the clouds technically are in the frame. The glowing final gasp of the setting sun draws the eye to the right to dominate the image without overpowering the horizon line.

This bird angered me by trying to convince me to give up a chip. Negative space and use of shadow give this photo a sense of depth. Taken with my phone in a moment of frustration, I still managed to work my way around him to so that he wasn't washed out by the bright light or caught in my shadow.

Family is everything

Sunset in late fall is glorious.

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