Introduction to Art By: NYADUEL PALJOR

I took art because I wanted to try something new and get out of what I'm used to. I wanted a challenge but also something that I would enjoy to do.

The drawing strategies I learned the most from were probably lights and shadows. Using lights and shadows made me realize how they can make or break your art work. I also learned about reflected light and cast shadow. The highlight is where the most light is and the cast is the exact opposite, it's the darkest area.
The self portrait on the left is more recent then the one on the right. I've improved on drawing what I actually see. The portrait on the right looks stereotypical. I feel like the one on the left almost resembles me because of the proportions and the details I put into it.
Chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark to create the allusion of space. In this drawing, I shaded some areas so I could make the highlight stand out.
I've gotten better on drawing what I actually see and staying away from stereotypes. My proportions have also gotten a lot more accurate.
I wish I could redo this project because I think I could've done a lot better if I had more time. My transitions and my use of charcoal could've been better as well.

My attitude has improved tremendously. I think, at first I was scared to get out out of my comfort zone and leave my stereotypes behind. I think I've learned so much about art in the last couple months.

My proportions have become more accurate. I used to be confused on how to do it but I've learned the right way to do it. I know how to compare a size from another.

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