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Letter to Jeremiah

A video letter to my son, whom I lost through miscarriage.


Interviews of San Jose State students and their opinions on whether or not they feel safe on campus.

Working Poor: Noemita Sarmiento

A mother of 3, who works two full time jobs and her fight to thrive in the Bay Area.

Gamechanger: Barbara quintero

Barbara Quintero works a full time job, but volunteers without pay to direct a home for women in recovery in Hayward, CA.

Feature Story: Women on the Way

It has been over six months since Jennifer has arrived in Hayward. She has only been two years sober, but has spent over a decade in treatment programs. Jennifer Martin, had spent 16 years in prison for killing a man, but found that the guilt of her mistakes were always too much to bear, until arriving at the “Women on the Way” residential facility. Jennifer is just one of 18 women who enter the living facilities at any given time. A majority of the women living in the home have been to prison, or have dealt with serious issues of substance and alcohol abuse.

It isn’t uncommon to hear shouts ringing throughout the home of women calling for, “mama”. “Mama”, or Barbara Quintero, is the operations director for the program and is the main staff person facilitating the women’s recovery. One woman described Barbara saying, “She’s there if you need her, but she allows everyone the freedom to be who they are and I’ve never had that. Not even with my family, not even growing up on the streets.”

Quintero herself began her journey as a client in 1995. After becoming clean and sober, she progressively found herself promoted through the system until gaining her current position. For over a decade of her time, Barbara has continued to volunteer in this position without pay. It is her sheer love for the women that has kept her helping them through this program. A majority of the Women on the Way graduate from the program and become highly successful and confident in who they are, thanks to Barbara’s help.

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