Charles Schulz By cristian refugio

Charles Schulz was born in November 26, 1922 and he died February 12, 2000. Charles Schulz made reading fun. When he was a kid he made cool pictures and when he was an adult he made cartoons and comic strips over 1000 people read his comic books back then and still now people want to read them. As a kid for Charles Schulz he would always hold a notebook in his hands and draw and when he was drawing and someone asked what he was drawing his mom would yell at them and tell them to leave him alone. When he was a kid his family would call him "Sparky" because back when he was alive there was a famous person that was really good at something and Charles Schulz was good at drawing. When Charles Schulz went to school his teachers would see that he had good skills with drawing. Charles Schulz made lots of comics as a kid but he did cool stuff when he was an adult as well. When he was an adult he went to some of the most oldest city at that time and still now. He did lots of things when he was a alive. I think that he is a hero because he made it fun to read and he made lots of kids and adults happy! Here are some of the books that he made that you can read now. Even that he's dead he had lots of ideas that he never made in one of his books and here are some that you can buy now!!!

this is one of his first colored books he was alive when he made it but you can still buy it at some book stores and read them at your home.

When he was a kid some people thought that his drawings were ugly so they would push him around and so then his older brothers would protect him.

fun fact: Charles Schulz made over 200 comics and they all became movies and lots of people wanted to have them for them-self.

Charles Schulz had amazing things when he was alive. Charles Schulz did lots of things to make people read then he made other people want to make comics like "Bill Watterson" the maker of Calvin and Hobbes.

this is the book Calvin and Hobbes. this is one of the books that was a comic and one of the first books that was a comic series.

Here are the three most famous quotes by Charles Schulz:

All you need is love. But a little chocolate and then doesn't hurt.

Don't worry about the day ending. Its already the day in Australia.

Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask "Where did i go wrong" Then a voice says to me "This is going to take way more than one night.

Did you know that Charles Schulz created comic books and did you also know that Charles Schulz made woodstock first before snoopy and Charlie Brown and Linus and all the peanuts cartoons. Heer is a picture of Woodstock and Charlie brown. Did you also know that Charles Schulz made Charlie Brown based off him and Charles Schulz was just like Charlie Brown he was shy like Charlie Brown he was not really strong like Charlie Brown.

this is a picture with all the types of woodstocks that there can be with Charlie brown

Here is a slide show of Charles Schulz:

this is the day that peanuts was made(2 or 5 or 3 years old)

this is snoopy going ice skating in one of the peanuts books.

this is one of Charles Schulz spanish books.

here is a statue of snoopy wearing a fancy suit.

this is one of the peanuts books where Charlie Brown tries to be brave.

these are playing toys of soccer with Charlie Brown and another little boy.

this is a comic of snoopy being really lazy in the day. it is also another spanish book by Charles Schulz.

this is a peanuts book where Charlie Brown's little sister gets a night meer and does not want to sleep.

Now look at this video of kid president with Charles Schulz's wife and Charles Schulz's kid.

Thank you for reading my facts about me!! : ) :]


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