Pursuit of Passion. alexander sprekenhus

Experimenting, learning from our mistakes and constantly evolving - is how I would describe our approach .

Alexander Sprekenhus, Creative Director & Founder

Our focus has always been to formulate skin, hair, and body care products of the finest quality.

These are the values that allow us as a company to find new ways of doing things and will always be the main driver behind the success of Alexander Sprekenhus.

We rely on a team of highly skilled people working together to create and source unique products.

It all started with Argan Oil, which was an amazing product I came across on my travels that worked really well with my hair and skincare routine.

The oil is derived from the Argan trees in Morocco, harvested by local Berber women. The crop provides the local community with some economic stability and independence.

Our approach to skin care sources the best that nature can offer

When I started using the oil my friends were so impressed with the results that they enthusiastically supported the launch of the Sprekenhus brand back in 2010, in Oslo. Since then, I have developed the brand and our product range, all of which incorporate the wonderful Argan oil.

Sprekenhus love challenges, adventure and learning something new everyday.

We embrace change and want to be able to deliver a unique product that inspires our community to take just 5 minutes a day to themselves, to care for their skin, body and hair.

To entice and motivate our customers I spend a lot of effort on the small design details. We take our time to develop photo-concepts that are enticing, aesthetically pleasing and encourage our community to use our products and make them a regimented part of their day - a time that they can look forward to - which they deserve.

Sprekenhus┬┤s approach to skin care is to inspire good habits of wellbeing and care for your skin.

The skin can be affected in many ways by external stressors. Living in the city means that skin has to endure pollution and some external stressing factors. Anti-oxidant-rich products can help to protect your skin against external factors. Keeping skin properly cleansed and hydrated is very important.

Changing temperatures as a result of air-conditioned environments can displace the skins natural response to regulate itself. By implementing an intelligent skin care regimen one can create a protective layer, reducing the impact of sudden changes in temperature and environment.

Changing seasons can be beautiful, but we encourage an adapted approach to skin care. When weather shifts from cooler to warmer months, more gentle yet still effective products can be a good way to adapt.

At Sprekenhus we always put the customer first.

Every aspect of Sprekenhus is built with passion for quality and details.
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Alexander Sprekenhus

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