A Super Sunday A day of documenting the mardi gras indians

"Super Sunday" is a celebration of the rich African American culture in New Orleans. Every year the Sunday closest to St. Joseph's Day serves as Uptown Super Sunday. The night of St. Joseph's Day serves as a time for the Mardi Gras Indian tribes to parade in their respective neighborhoods. For the first time in a while, these two events coincided and I had a fulfilling day of shooting to say the least!

Super Sunday

St. Joseph's Night

This year's St. Joseph's Night marked the end of an era, as Big Chief Darryl Montana of the Treme-based Yellow Pocahontas, suited up for the last time. Darryl Montana is the son of famed Chief Allison "Tootie" Montana.

Big Chief Darryl Montana getting ready for his last St. Joseph's Night

"Call & Response"

The "call and response" ritual plays a key role in African American music. Practiced by slaves, the chants have found their way into jazz, blues, and gospel music to name a few genres. The influence can still be heard today by the Mardi Gras Indians.

Christine Cook, Queen of The Monogram Hunters

The Queen & her daughter

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