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Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 72x72 in.

I have chosen '' portrait of Nick Wilder '' 1966 to be in this exhibition beacuse of. In this artwork you can see a male in the water near the edge of the pool, surrounding him look to be like his home. In the artwork hockney used acrylic on a 72x72 canvas and has made the colours in this artwork bold and stand out against eachother. the main part my eyes focus of is the pool and the bottom of the painting as the blue in the pool is very bright complaired to the rest of the painting which makes in a focus point. '' portrait of nick wilder '' 1966 is a substantual painting with great use of colours.

A Bigger Splash, 1967 acrylic on canvas, 96x96 in.

I have chosen '' A bigger splash '' 1967 as another on of the photos to add in the exhibition. In this artwork the background looks like it is set at a resort or hotel. and in the pool at the end of the diving board there is a big detailed splash of water. Again hockney has use acrylic in this painting which makes the artwork look bold but also has calm and suttle colours. I belive the main focal point in this picture is the diving board which then leads to the big slash because the diving board really stands out against the bright blue water and then the board leads to the splash. ''A bigger splash'' 1967 is an amazing artwork and also more good use of tone and colour.

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool, 1964 acrylic on canvas, 36x48 in.

I have chosen the painting '' picture of a Hollywood swimming pool '' 1964 to be in the exhibition because of the unique shapes use in hockney's artwork. In the painting there is a deck that sharply dips of into the pool next to it. Hockney has used and mix of very dull, calming, light and dark colours which gives the painting a relaxing feel to it. The area where your eyes are drawn to is the water in the pool where it is full of squiggly lines and has a range of colours from white to a darkish blue. '' picture of a Hollywood swimming pool '' 1964 is an admirable artwork to but in the exhibition because of is calming colours and is interesting use of shapes.

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas, 84x120 in.

Another art work that I have chosen to be included in the exhibition is '' portrait of an artist (pool with two figures) '' 1972. In the painting you can see to figures one is completely submerged in the water and the other figure is standing on the edge of the pool looking into the water over the man in the pool. In this painting Hockney has used acrylic on canvas and he has chosen colours that all match each other and the scenery in the artwork makes you feel relaxed and calm. My eye focuses on the man standing on the edge of the pool because he is the a figure that has a brighter colour on it compared to anything else in the painting. the artwork '' portrait of a man (pool with two figures) '' 1972 is a great artwork for the exhibition because it shows good techniques and colours and it shows Hockneys fascination for swimming pools

Schwimmbad Mitternacht (Paper Pool 11), 1978 colored and pressed paper pulp, 72x85 1/2 in.

i have chosen the artwork '' schwimmbad mitternacht ( paper pool 11 ) 1978. In the artwork it is a bright blue almost fluro to act as the water and then it has a black outline as the edge and sides of the pool and a long rectanglular shape coming out of the bottom of the artwork to represent a diving board. David Hockney has used coloured and pressed paper pulp which has given the artwork a nice looking texture the colours used in the artwork makes you feel calm and in peace. The main part my eyes fouces on is the black rectangle beacuse it is a dark colour on the middle of bright beautiful colours. The artwork '' schwimmbad mitternacht (paper pool 11 ) '' 1978 is a perfect artwork for this exhibition because of the use of techniques and colours to create the peice.

Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 84x84 in.

My last photo that I have chosen to go into exhibition is '' Peter getting out of Nicks pool '' 1966. in the painting you can see that there is a naked male figure that is pushing himself out of the pool. The shapes and lines that have been used to creat the shinny effect of the windows and the water effect in the pool are interesting. In this artwork the utensils that have been used is acrylic on a 84x84 in canvas. the main part of this painting that my eye ficuses on is the man that is pushing himslef out of the water because he is placed in the middle of the artwork and is a colour that stands out in the place he is positioned. '' peter getter out of nicks pool '' is a good painting for this artwork beacuse of the techniques and colours used in this artwork.

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